The Importance of having a Humidifier in your Home

Having humidity in your home during the winter is important for your overall health. It is also important to the health of your home. If the humidity level decreases too much, the furniture in your home will start to deteriorate. This can also cause certain germs to form and grow. During the winter, the humidity levels can drop to levels that are too low. This is because the cold air can hold less moisture than warm air can. Homes that use forced air heating can have a more severe issue. This is because furnaces us combustion to create hot air. It will then cause it to burn out most of the water vapor that existed to begin with. Also, when humidity levels decrease, the air will feel cooler than that of a humid environment. This will then lead to the heat being turned up so the home feels warm and comfortable. It is also beneficial to have a humidifier in your home. Low humidity can cause static electricity, lead to dry skin, and could increase the chance of becoming sick. Wood floors and furniture can split and crack. Low humidity can lead to paint chipping as well. It is best to get a humidifier to help alleviate these issues.

Portable Humidifiers

The most common type of humidifier to invest in is a portable one. This way you can help supply the proper amount of humidity in your home. There can be a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier to choose from. They both use a reservoir to hold water. The cool mist will use a wick to absorb the water. It will then use a fan to blow air through a moistened filter as the air passes through it. It will then evaporate some of the water into the room. Warm mist humidifiers use a heating element that heats the water before dispersing it into the air. The portable systems are easy to use. There are a variety of styles and models available. They are also beneficial because you can move them as needed. One downside to the humidifier is that the reservoir must be refilled about every twenty-four hours.

Whole Home Humidifiers are beneficial as well

With a whole home humidifier, it can be added to the furnace and vapor is then distributed directly into the heated air. It will then be circulated throughout the home because it will travel through the ductwork system.

Humidity Levels that are too high

This can also be an issue. Having too much humidity in the home can cause condensation to form. During the winter, you will first notice this on the windows. This is because warm moist air comes into contact with the cold window. We can also inspect your home to check on the humidity level it is at.