Keeping the Ductwork Efficient



The HVAC system in your home should always be properly maintained and inspected. Doing so can help the efficiency of it. We can help to advise you on when certain maintenance tasks should be done for your HVAC system and furnace. The ductwork is important because it will help to save you money in the long run. If there is an issue with the ductwork, you may notice that heat is wasted. This is because the heat can escape through a hole or puncture in the ductwork before reaching your room. If you notice an increase in the monthly heating bills, it could be caused by this. Make sure to contact us, so we can inspect the ductwork for you.


The ductwork might be able to benefit from Aeroseal. This will propyl close up any hole or damage that may have happened to the ductwork. Therefore, it will also allow the heat to properly reach the rooms in your home, to warm them. We can inspect the ductwork and advise you on what actions should be required to help you get your furnace operating efficiently and correctly again. When the heat does not reach the room, then the furnace also works harder and longer. This is because it will need to keep running to produce the heat you have the thermostat set at.

Remember the filter

It is always beneficial that you check the filter in your home. This will ensure that the correct airflow can go through. A dirty air filter will become clogged. This results in more strain and stress on the furnace as it is trying to operate. Make sure that you check the filter on a regular schedule. The filter will also need to be replaced regularly as well. This can depend on if anyone smokes in your home, how many people, and how many pets you have.



Proper HVAC Maintenance



The HVAC system in your home is important. You will want to make sure it is inspected and checked on a regular basis. When you are not sure how often this should be done, make sure to contact us. We will provide you a schedule of when certain maintenance tasks should be done. Also it is important to have these performed on a regular schedule. When these tasks are done, then the system can operate as correctly as possible. If you do notice an issue between visits, make sure to contact us and we can come and inspect the source of the issue for you. Having it properly maintained will help improve the longevity of it as well.

HVAC Filter

Checking the filter is also very important. When the HVAC operates, it pulls air in and that passes through the filter of the system. Over time, the filter will become clogged and will eventually need to be replaced. By checking it on a regular basis, you can help ensure it is clean and clear. Sometimes you can vacuum the filter, but when it is needed, a full replacement is recommended for the filter. If you are not sure what type of filter you need, we will be able to recommend the right one.

Noticing Issues

You should also be aware of any odd noises or sounds that come from the unit. Clunks, squealing, or grinding are all signs of an issue with the unit. These noises may come from the unit itself, from the register or vents, or even from the ductwork. As noises are a sign of an issue, you will want to make sure you contact us so we can do a complete inspection of the HVAC system. This should also include all the components of it as well. By keeping it properly maintained, you will help save money in the long run. The unit will also last as long as possible when you keep it maintained.

Air Conditioner Efficiency for your Home


Keeping your air conditioner clean is important in the summer. Dirt, in the form of grass clippings, pet hair or mud will block the air flow. When this happens, you will notice a decrease in performance. Condenser coils need to be cleaned because they are exposed to the out door elements. You can maintain condenser coil efficiency by simply washing the unit. Turn off any electrical power first to your system. Note that the evaporator coils are harder to get at, so make sure to contact us. The visual check is not as simple as the condenser coils. All parts of the unit are in need of maintenance as well. Since the evaporator coil is continuously exposed to airflow circulated by the blower, it’s susceptible to buildup of dust or dirt. When airborne particles form a layer on coil surfaces, the refrigerant is diminished.

Thermostat Problems

If the air conditioner never shuts off, there may be an issue with your thermostat. Sometimes you may notice that the thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly. In this case, your air conditioner unit will continue running. An option to check the thermostat is to place another thermometer near the location of the thermostat. After an hour or two, check the reading. If it is at or near your desired home temperature, there may be a problem with your thermostat. Make sure to contact us so we can inspect the thermostat for you.

Air Leaks

Poor sealing can cause issues. Insufficient insulation is another common culprit, which can cause your unit to run constantly and inefficiently. If your home is not closed up tight while your air conditioning system is in use, you will lose the nice cool air. If there are air leaks in your basement, the air is then forced out. This can negatively impact your summer cooling bills and you will notice in increase in them as well.