Why Programmable Thermostats are Beneficial in your Home


Adding a programmable thermostat to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is an easy project that you can quickly do on your own. You simply purchase a thermostat, and then remove your old unit from the wall, noting where and how the wires are connected. Next, you connect the wires to your new thermostat. It’s important to read over your new thermostat’s installation and setup guide in order to take advantage of all that it can offer your system. You can also contact us and we can install the programmable thermostat for you.


There are several benefits for having a programmable thermostat, the first one is that you will save money in the long run. With programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature to the exact point of your own personal comfort. For every degree you raise or lower the temperature in your home during the heat of the summer or the cold of winter, you can save up to 2 percent on your utility bill. You can create a schedule that follows your family’s routine, and keeps the temperature warm while you’re there, but eases up on the energy usage when you are away.

With the help of a programmable thermostat, your family and friends can feel more comfortable in your home all year long, and you can avoid major hot or cold spots in different areas of your house.

Using a programmable thermostat can eliminate all of that time spent in front of your manual device. You can set a schedule one time per season, and then forget about it, so you can focus on feeling comfortable instead.

Another benefit of programmable thermostats is that they allow you to take advantage of the different times of day and the temperature variations depending on the position of the sun and the season. During the colder parts of the year, you can reduce your heating power and let the warmth of the sun help take over the warming duties. During the cold winter nights, you will likely need to boost your HVAC’s heating power to help keep your family comfortable.

Spending the small amount of money that is needed for a programmable thermostat can be one of the most cost effective investments for your residence. You can expect to take advantage of additional energy savings that may be reflected in a lower utility bill. If you have any questions about a programmable thermostat, contact us, and we can advise you on the options.


Keeping your Home Warm and Comfortable in the Winter

To help improve your overall home comfort this winter, make sure that the furnace system is operating efficiently. This not only provides warmth, and a comfortable home, but it will also make for a pleasant home for you and your family. By improving your heating system in your home, you can also improve the air quality as well.


There are many types and sizes of air cleaners on the market. These can range from relatively inexpensive small models to sophisticated and expensive whole-house systems. Some air cleaners are highly effective at particle removal, while others, including smaller models, are less effective. Air cleaners are generally not designed to remove gaseous pollutants.


The effectiveness of an air cleaner depends on how well it collects pollutants from indoor air and how much air it draws through the cleaning or filtering element. A very efficient collector with a low air-circulation rate will not be effective, nor will a cleaner with a high air-circulation rate but a less efficient collector. The long-term performance of any air cleaner depends on maintaining it according to the manufacturer’s directions. Another important factor in determining the effectiveness of an air cleaner is the strength of the pollutant source. Small air cleaners, in particular, may not remove satisfactory amounts of pollutants from strong nearby sources. People with sensitivity to particular sources may find that air cleaners are helpful only in conjunction with concerted efforts to remove the source.


To help improve the efficiency of the heating system, it is recommended to check the air filter on a regular basis. When it is recommended, make sure to change the filter. If you are not sure how often this should be done, we can advise you on a schedule. The air filter is important because it will capture dirt and pollutants that are in the air of your home. Over time, the filter will become clogged with the dirt. This will prevent proper air flow to the furnace and heating ducts. By having a clean air filter, you can help improve the warmth and comfort of your home.


The most important thing you can do for the air quality in your home is to have the heating system maintained on a regular basis. This will help to ensure the parts are working efficiently and effectively with one another. If you notice an issue between regular visits, make sure to contact us. This can provide a warm and comfortable place to be in while the weather outside is cold.


Improving the Air in your Home



The quality of air that you breathe in is important to the health of everyone in the home as well. If you notice that there is poor quality air in the home, consider investing in an air filtration system. This can help to improve the indoor air quality, as well as breathing in your home. Also remember to inspect the HVAC system on a regular basis. This can help to reduce the amount of issues that could occur if you ignore them. The filter should also be inspected to ensure that it is clean and efficient.


Having an air filtration system helps to improve the air quality that is in your home. This is beneficial if you suffer from any allergy or asthma symptoms. A mechanical air filter is able to remove dust, dirt, dander, and other pollutants from the air. This is done by trapping the pollutants on a filter. When the airborne particles and pollutants get into the system, a mechanical air filter will trap them. This is done before the pollutants can be redistributed throughout the home. Over time, this will add up to cleaner and better air in the home. If you have respiratory issues, the air filtration system can remove these contaminants from the air, and only leave nice clean air in the home.


One type to consider is an electronic air cleaner to be installed. Typically, an electronic air cleaner will pull air into a chamber. It is here that the pollutants are given an electrical charge. When the pollutants are electrically charged, it will cause them to attach and collect to a plate. This plate can be removed from the unit and cleaned off. This helps to remove the pollutants from circulation in your home.


No matter what question you may have about your home’s HVAC needs, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the furnace and other components of the system to ensure they are working efficiently and at top performance levels.

The Importance of a Clean Filter

clean filter

The most important thing you can do to save money on heating in is to regularly change your furnace filter. There are several reasons why changing your filter on a consistent basis can benefit you.

Extended Life of the HVAC System

As dirt and debris accumulate in your filter, air has trouble passing through, and your furnace has to work increasingly hard just to function at a normal capacity. Consistently clogged filters can cause overheating, clogged systems, and costly repairs. In worst-case scenarios, older furnaces may completely break down and require replacement.

Lowers Costs

When a clogged filter is causing your furnace to work extra hard, your monthly utility bills will increase because of the extra energy that is being used. The inexpensive cost of changing your furnace filter on a regular basis is nothing compared to the money you will lose if you let clogged filters run your furnace down.

Better Air Quality

Finally, keep in mind that filters serve a purpose for your health. They keep fine particles from pet dander, pollen, bacteria, lint, and other contaminants out of the air you breathe. When a filter is clogged, it cannot do its job, and you and your family will end up breathing all of these nasty particles in. Some of these might end up lodged in your lungs. This is not good for your health, and can cause a series issue for those with compromised immune systems or with allergies or asthma.

If you are not sure how often to inspect the filter for your HVAC system, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on a schedule and recommend when a clean filter should be added.

Getting Your HVAC System Ready this Fall



As the cooler temperatures approach, you will want to turn off the air conditioner, and get your furnace ready for winter. The most important thing you can do is to have it inspected on a regular basis. This way we can inspect the parts and components to ensure that it will be operating efficiently.


Make sure that the filter is always cleaned and inspected. The filter will help capture dirt, dust, and other particles that are in the air of your home. If you are not sure how often to change the filter, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on when the filter should be inspected, and when it should be changed. This can help keep the air in your home as clean as possible for you and your family.


Also be aware of any odd noises you hear. This could indicate that a part has worn and will need to be replaced. If you ignore an issue, over time it will become worse and cause further damage to the HVAC system. Contact us, and we can inspect the system for any issues. We can also check the ductwork, thermostat, and the unit itself for any damage or cracks.


Since the ductwork is the part of the unit that carries the air through your home, it is important that it is in the best condition possible. If there is damage to the ductwork, it can cause air to leak out. Over time, this can result in a higher monthly energy bill. By having the unit inspected, you can save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Saving Money on your HVAC System



When you own a home, you will want to keep it in the best condition possible. No matter if you are running the air conditioner when it is hot, or you turn on the heater when the temperature gets cooler, you will want the system to be as efficient as possible. There are also some tips you can do in order to reduce your monthly energy bills.


The most beneficial thing you can do is to keep the HVAC system clean. Whenever your air conditioner or heater is not performing at peak efficiency, it can result in using more power and correlates to more money being spent.


Also make sure that the system is inspected for any cracks or leaks. When air leaks are present in your home, your air conditioning and heating systems are working harder to either cool or heat your entire home, leading to a high energy bill. Check your doors, windows, and even ductwork to confirm if any leaks are evident, and then make sure you seal them.


You can also install a programmable thermostat. To make sure that no energy is wasted throughout the day, having a programmable thermostat enable you to set specified temperatures whenever you are home or not.


If you ever notice anything out of the norm with your HVAC system or an increase in energy bill, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the system to check for anything out of the norm. This way you can have a reliable system, while also being cost efficient through the year.

Proper Maintenance for the HVAC System



When you own a home, you will want it to be as comfortable as possible. Part of this includes inspecting the HVAC system regularly. If you are not sure how often to inspect the HVAC system, make sure to contact us, and we can advise you on the schedule. By having the air conditioner maintained, you can help prevent further issues in the long run. If it is well maintained, then you can also save on monthly energy bills.


Make sure to check the filter on the air conditioner. Over time it can catch dirt and dust that are in the air of your home. The filter should be replaced regularly to ensure good quality air is in the home. If you notice the system is no longer efficient, it could be from a poor filter. If you are not sure when to replace the filter, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on how often the filter should be changed.


Also remember to check the ductwork. If there are punctures or damage to the ductwork, the air that is produced can leak out of the system. If you notice an issue, make sure to contact us and we can inspect it for you. When we inspect it, if we notice an issue we can repair it so the ductwork is efficient again.


Anytime you notice something out of the norm for the HVAC system, make sure to contact us. This will help you save money in the long run and keep the system lasting as long as possible.

Why a Dehumidifier is Beneficial for your Home



When you spend time in your home, you will want it to pleasant and comfortable. This is why investing in a dehumidifier can be beneficial. If your home is humid and uncomfortable, you may benefit from having a dehumidifier. There are also several benefits that the dehumidifier can offer.


Dehumidifiers take away excess humidity in your home, leaving you with drier air. This helps to reduce damp and the associated problems like mold growth and peeling wallpaper. Molds need moisture to grow. When the central heating is cranked up and ventilation is compromised by keeping windows closed, molds thrive. Dehumidifiers take away the essential humidity that mold needs in which to grow.

Dust mites are extremely common and are again a little-understood allergy trigger for many people. Even the cleanest homes harbor dust mites, which tend to lurk in mattresses, upholstery, and carpets. These tiny creatures are microscopic and can cause allergy symptoms in certain people.

Dehumidifiers also can reduce condensation. Cooking, showers, and baths can all cause condensation, which in turn can contribute to damp and mold growth. A dehumidifier can help to reduce the effects of this in other rooms of the house.

Another issue with humidity is the damage it can do to your home and furniture. Excess moisture can cause furniture and upholstery to contain mildew. They can develop that characteristic musty smell and feel slightly damp to the touch. A dehumidifier can help to prevent this. If you are not sure what type of dehumidifier to invest in, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the right one for your home.


Effectively Improve Indoor Air Quality



You can help improve the quality of air in your home by making sure that the ductwork is cleaned on a regular basis. Since you spend a majority of time indoors, it makes sense that you will want it to be clean and easy to breathe. If the ductwork is dirty, it can really damage the air quality in your home. Thoroughly cleaning the ductwork, air handler, and grills on a regular basis will help to reduce the potential for buildup and improve indoor air quality. It will also help to prolong the life of your air conditioning system.

You can also improve the quality of air in your home by removing the pollutants. Essential items in your home such as stoves and cleaning products, emit fumes or contain a variety of chemicals that release toxins into the air. Regular servicing of appliances and reducing the amount of cleaners used can lead to a real decrease in immune triggers in the air.

You can also filter out the pollutants by investing in air cleaners. Devices called air filters or air cleaners operate by effectively trapping pollutants and reducing the amount of dust reaching the coils of your air conditioner system. You can choose a portable or whole home air cleaner. Whole-house systems are more advanced and work better in terms of being able to improve indoor air quality.


Keep the Air Conditioner Operating Efficiently



You might take turning on your air conditioner for granted during the summer months, but now is the time to start thinking about it. You will also want to make sure that the unit is energy efficient. If you have a central air conditioner or window one, it is important that it is cleaned and maintained so it can perform as efficiently as possible.


As summer approaches, make sure that you have the air conditioner inspected by us. We can check the parts and components to ensure it will be reliable this summer when you need it to be. We can check the condenser and also the evaporator. The parts are usually sealed, so a professional will need to inspect them.


The condenser is the outside unit. It contains a compressor, cooling fins and tubes and a fan. Any visible debris like dirt, leaves, or grass clippings should be removed from the fins. They can be vacuumed gently with a soft brush as well. The fins are fragile, so they can bend or break easily. If you notice that the condenser’s fins have been bent, you will want to straighten them.

Cut back branches and any other plant life back at least two feet in all directions to ensure proper airflow around the unit. To help keep the condenser clean during the months when it is not in use, you can cover the top of the unit with a piece of plywood or plastic to keep debris from falling in. Make sure to not cover the sides, which can cause moisture buildup and eventual corrosion.

If you ever notice anything out of the norm, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the air conditioner for you.