Having a Warm Home this Winter



Winter weather means cold temperatures. You will want to make sure your home is warm and comfortable during all those months. The best way to help keep your home comfortable is to have the system inspected on a regular basis. With proper preventative maintenance, your HVAC system and furnace can work and operate efficiently. We can also help to remind you when regular maintenance should be done. Following the schedule will always keep the parts in the best condition. We will also be able to check each part and component, to ensure that there is not an issue.

Odd Noises

You should also be able to notice any odd noise or sounds from the system. These will indicate an issue with the system. It should be looked at as soon as possible to help prevent further damage and issues from occurring. This can also cause the chance for a costly repair bill as well. When an issue or odd noise occurs, if you ignore it, more parts can become damaged as well.

Change the Filter during Winter

The filter will need to be checked on a regular basis as well. This will help it run smoothly. With a filter, it will capture the dirt and dust in the air. By doing this, it will prevent the dirt from getting into the HVAC system and causing damage and strain. Remember to never run the HVAC system without a filter. The result can be extensive damage to several parts of the furnace. So make sure to only operate the furnace when a filter is in it.

You will also want to make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector. This is designed to go off and sound an alarm with any indication of carbon monoxide in your home. This will improve your safety as well for you and your family.


Why Programmable Thermostats are Beneficial in your Home


Adding a programmable thermostat to your home can be beneficial. This allows you to set the time and schedule you want your HVAC system to operate.


The thermostat will allow you to save money in the long run. This is because the system will only operate when you want it to. If you are away from your home, it will not cool or heat it, thus allowing energy to be wasted. There are several different types of thermostats you can choose from. Some have the weekdays the same, some different. The same also applies for the weekends. If you have a pretty constant schedule, you would want the 5-2 system that allows Monday through Friday the same setting, then Saturday and Sunday another setting.


Some thermostats even allow the option that you can override them by using a smart phone or device. This is nice incase your schedule switches up, you can adjust the thermostat to allow the home to be comfortable again when you get home. Another benefit is you can adjust the temperature as you sleep. You can also set it to change when you plan on waking up in the morning. The same setting can also keep your home ideal right before you arrive home from work.


Regular maintenance is important because it will need to be inspected properly throughout the year. This helps keep it operating the best for you and your family. If you notice any malfunctions in the thermostat, make sure to contact us so we can examine it and advise you on how to resolve these issues for your home.


Know what a Programmable Thermostat is for your Home



A programmable thermostat can be beneficial for your home. It will allow you to set the temperature as you want, depending on the day and also the time of day. These are beneficial if you have a regular schedule for you and your family. You can set the thermostat so the HVAC system does not operate when you are away. It can then be set to turn back on just before you arrive home. This makes the home comfortable and pleasant to be in.

A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the setting and it will keep it that way. So, a programmable thermostat lets you choose what times you want the air conditioner to be on, and what temperature it should reach while it is on.

You can program the thermostat the same way for when you are sleeping. The temperature can be adjusted so the HVAC system does not have to operate as much. You can then set it so the temperature is at the desired degree for when you wake up in the morning.

If you are not sure what type of programmable thermostat is right for you, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the one that is best for your home.


Inspect the Furnace before Winter



It is important to make sure that your furnace and heater are working efficiently and at top performance levels this winter. This way your home will be warm and comfortable when you need it to be. If you ever notice an issue with the furnace, make sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can inspect it for the source of the problem. We can check all the parts and components so they are in efficient working condition. If there is an issue, we can alert you to it and recommend the best option to repair it.


The furnace and air filter should be checked to ensure that both are clean and in good working order. The air filter should be checked on a regular basis, and replaced with a new one when necessary. The filter helps to collect dust and other contaminants in the air of the home. It is important to remember that the furnace should never be run without a filter. This is because the dirt and dust can get into the furnace and cause damage to the parts. Besides checking the furnace, we can also inspect the ductwork. Looking for any areas that the air could escape the ductwork can result in higher monthly energy bills. This is because the air is wasted and does not make it to the rooms in your home. If you notice an increase in the monthly bill, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the ductwork for any issues. Keeping the system maintained and clean can help it last as long as possible, as well as having a comfortable home.

4 benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help save you money on the energy bills each month. It can also help to keep your home at a desired temperature only when you are there. It costs more each month, as well as on the heating system, to have the furnace working just as hard no matter if you are in the home or not. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature of the home based on the schedule for you and your family. That way you do not have to waste money and heat on your home when no one is home. With a programmable thermostat, you can program the thermostat to bring the home to a comfortable temperature by the time you get home. During the colder months, you can go to bed and have the thermostat set to drop a few degrees. Then set it to raise the temperature before waking up. This way you can save energy and money without being uncomfortable.

Save time with a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can save time besides money. This is because you will not have to rush back home after you leave for a length of time and raise the temperature in the home. Programmable thermostats are capable of lowering or raising the temperature predetermined by you. Depending on the model, you can set the thermostat so it lowers the temperature according to the day and time.

Have a comfortable home while saving money

Most programmable thermostats have the option to set the temperature at different times and days of the week. This means that the workweek and weekend days can have an entirely different schedule. The thermostat can be set to raise the temperature of the home before you return from work. It can also lower the temperature of the home while you are at work so it is not producing heat that may not used. You can also have the thermostat set so that it increases the temperature just before you wake up in the morning.

Save on monthly energy bills

A programmable thermostat not only helps save you money in the winter, but year round as well. By reducing the amount of time the heating system runs, you will save on monthly heating bills. It can also help reduce the amount of wear and tear on the heating system. This can result in less repairs and replacements that might otherwise need to be made. That way you can help keep the heating system working efficiently and effectively for when you need it.

Helps keep your furnace working effectively

By having the heating system operating when someone is in the home, it can help the furnace to be more energy efficient. It will also help the system to last long and should extend the overall life of it. It can also help to delay the cost of premature repairs and replacements for parts of the heating system. To have an effective heating system, it is recommended to have regular maintenance inspections done to ensure everything is in good working order.

Energy Efficient Homes Can Help Save Money

A home should be an environment that is comfortable in both the hot summer months and the colder temperatures of winter. However, heating and cooling your home so that it is comfortable during these extreme temperature periods can get to be quite expensive. If you are not careful, the energy bill could increase if the home is not energy efficient. Since heating and cooling a home requires so much energy, consumers are often devastated at the amount they have to pay at the end of the month. However, there are ways to save money on heating and cooling your home. These ways often have a less harmful impact on the environment and decreases the monthly energy bill. While these methods may require an initial investment to make them operational, the money you save over time in heating your home will be worth the initial investment.

Your Home Should be Insulated

The first, and easiest, way to make heating and cooling your home more energy efficient is to ensure that air is not escaping from your home or seeping in from the outdoor environment. Poor insulation is often the number one culprit in homes that use energy inefficiently. You can improve the insulation in your home by installing energy efficient windows that are double paned or sealing the cracks and gaps around windows with insulating material. You can also contact us so we can inspect the heating system in your home to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.

Geothermal Heating is An Option for Your Home

Another great way to make your home more energy efficient is to install a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home. Geothermal systems of this nature rely on the heat that is generated from the ground in order to make your home more comfortable. The energy from the earth is used to help provide the warm temperatures in your home. The core of the earth is a molten mass of liquid rock that generates huge quantities of heat that seep upward through the crust. A geothermal heating and cooling system taps into these heat sources and uses them to power an HVAC system. This type of system is may cost more initially, but can save you thousands of dollars in the course of a lifetime.

Solar Heating is Another Option

Solar power is another great way to save money on your energy bills each month. The energy from the sun is completely free and is abundant almost all year round. A solar heating and cooling system uses huge solar panels to absorb the energy from the sun and convert that energy into a usable energy that can help to power an HVAC system. If you are unsure what type of heating system is right for your home, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the options you have to heat your home. We can also test your air quality so you can have the best air possible for you and your family.

Why a Programmable Thermostat might be right for you

A programmable thermostat is important for your home and the air conditioner. This permits you to set the temperature for when you are away at work, saving you money on energy bills. You can program the thermostat to turn on an hour before you arrive home, so you can come home to comfort. While there are several programmable thermostats on the market, we can advise you which one would be best suited for your home.

What is a Programmable Thermostat?

A programmable thermostat is a device that is installed in your home that can automatically control the air. It also helps to manage the climate inside your home. Programmable thermostats are different from non-programmable thermostats because they can adjust to the temperature in your home at different times of the day, or days of the week without you having to be there. Many models also come with additional features like backlit displays, touch pad, or voice programming for the thermostat. Some also include indicators that let you know when it is time to change the air filters.

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat for your home

Programmable thermostats have become popular because of their ability to save on the cost of energy. These thermostats save energy and money on monthly utility bills because it allows the owner to set the temperature according to different factors. Programmable thermostats can supply personal comfort through pre-set temperature levels and are more accurate than manual thermostats. The thermostats can also automatically store settings and repeat the settings each day. The thermostat can still be manually set, and override the pre-set program when needed. Programmable thermostats can have your HVAC system operate less frequently. It will also result in consuming less energy and creating lower utility bills because energy will only be produced when it is needed. Another advantage is having the ability to program ventilation into the thermostat’s settings so you can be provided fresh air into your home at appropriate times.

Different types of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats come with the ability to program the temperature in your home, based on your schedule. Typically, there are three different models of programmable thermostats you can choose between for your home. The 7 day models are best if your schedule is different each day of the week. This type offers the most flexibility because different temperature setting can be programmed for each day of the week. If the hours in your home vary each day, this model may be the best for your home. The 5-2 day models allow you to program the temperature settings so they are consistent during the weekdays. A second program has a setting for the Saturday and Sunday. This way you can control the temperature and hours for the weekdays and differently for the weekends. The 5-1-1 models are best used if your weekday schedule is consistent, and typically the Saturday and Sunday schedules are different. You can always adjust the settings on the thermostat so that your home can be as comfortable as possible.

The Thermostat in your home is more important than you may think

While you look into getting an air conditioner that can help you save energy and money, you should also look into the thermostat as well. The thermostat helps to control the air conditioning system in your home, which is the piece that uses the most energy in your home as well. It can also help you to provide good comfort and quality of life for you and your family. Most thermostats are the digital type rather than the manual dial type of thermostat. No matter what type of thermostat you have, if you are experiencing issues with it, we can help you out.

Where to install the thermostat

Not only is it important to get a thermostat that is best for you, but also it is important to know where the location of the thermostat should be in your home. The location of your thermostat can change the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The thermostat should be placed on an interior wall of your home and out of any bright lights or sunlight. It should also be away from windows, doors, and any venting or cooling units. The thermostat should be placed in an open hallway so that it can regulate all the rooms in the home efficiently and effectively. If it is placed too close to the heating or cooling components, the system short cycles. This will cause numerous starts and stops with your air conditioner. It will also result in an increase of your energy bill as well as a shortened life of your air conditioner.

Programmable Thermostats are energy efficient

Maximize your energy savings without decreasing the comfort level of your home by installing a programmable thermostat. These thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature at different points of the days, and even days of the week in order to save you money and energy. This type of thermostat is the most efficient because you are not wasting energy to cool your home when you may not be there. There are different options you can use for setting the automatic temperature. Thermostats for seven days allow you to program unique or the same settings for each day. You can set up to four periods each day of the week. The setting of a five-two day allows programmable sessions with separate settings for the weekdays and weekends. The five-one-one day setting allows you to program settings for the weekdays, then one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Most programmable thermostats have liquid crystal temperature displays. Some even have a back-up battery back that comes in useful if the power goes out in your home. That way you do not need to reprogram the time our system.

Other types of thermostats you can choose from

You can also choose from other various types of thermostats. These can range from a mechanical one with a simple dial, digital with buttons to adjust the temperature, to a touch screen. Touch screen thermostats are getting more popular, as they are one of the newest thermostat types on the market. Some features in these thermostats can include sensors that are indoor, outdoor, or remote. It can also include a humidification control or password protection option.

The Thermostat Is Important

Having the right kind of thermostat is important for the overall comfort of your home. This can help ensure that it is cool and enjoyable all summer long. In order to have the air conditioner running as efficiently as possible, the right kind of thermostat should be used. Make sure to know your options when you are looking to get a new thermostat. Also consider getting a programmable thermostat. This can be beneficial because you can set the temperature for different times of the day, as well as days of the week. By knowing what type of thermostat to get, you can help increase the comfort level in your home, as well as the indoor air quality.


The right kind of Thermostat for your Home

When buying a new thermostat or replacing an old one, make sure to consider all the options. This should include features that it has, if you want it to be programmable, and where it should be place. Most likely, you will be buying a programmable, digital thermostat. If this is the case, look to see what each product will allow you to program it to do. These options, if used to their full potential, can greatly increase your home comfort by decreasing the amount of time spent making adjustments to the temperature in your home. If you are unsure what type of thermostat is right for you, make sure to contact us. We can help to recommend which one would be the best for your lifestyle and home.

An ideal place for the Thermostat

Where the thermostat is place is also important. Be careful of placing it above any air vents where temperatures will be shifting more dramatically than in other places in your home. A thermostat will shut off an air conditioner when the temperature becomes cooler than what you have set it for. A poorly placed thermostat that is exposed to more cool air will shut off the air conditioner too early and leave you with a warm home. Also be careful not to place your thermostat near points in your home where warm air is generated, like windows and doors. This can cause the air conditioner to be overworked and your home will end up cooler than expected. Keep in mind that electronic equipment like computers also generate heat, so avoid areas around such devices as well. To keep your home comfort level at the point you want, try to place your thermostat in an area that best represents the average temperature of your home.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat is beneficial. It can program the temperature for different times of the day, and different days of the week. It can also adjust the temperature so you do not waste cool air when you are not home. With a programmable thermostat, you can then program it to cool the home down just before you arrive. Having a programmable thermostat can help decrease the energy bills. Keeping the air cool for when you are there to enjoy it can help increase the comfort level in your home as well.

Look into installing Ductless Air Conditioning for your home

If you are looking into getting a new or different type of air conditioner, consider getting a ductless air conditioner for your home. These systems eliminate the need for bulky ductwork throughout your home. Instead, they use a thin copper tubing to allow the air to be dispersed in your home. There is an exterior condenser and an indoor evaporator unit. This contains a cooling coil, a fan, and various other controls. The condenser and evaporator units connect by the use of electrical wires and refrigerant tubing. This is the most efficient way to cool your home. Another reason to consider ductless systems is that units are available in numerous capacities and configurations. So no matter what size home you have, there is a unit that is right for you.

Why Ductless Air Conditioning is a good choice?

Ductless air conditioners are good choice for your home. The air quality in your home should be as good as possible, because you spend more time than you might think inside your home. With other air conditioner systems that use ductwork, over time dirt and debris can accumulate in the interior of those. When moisture is added to this, mold and mildew will begin to grow. Having this happen can decrease the air quality of your home. It can also agitate any allergies, asthma, or other respiratory aliments you and your family might have. Window air conditioners can also have any outdoor contaminates and debris enter your home because it is difficult to completely seal any cracks or gaps that the unit has with your window. By using an air conditioner system that eliminates the ductwork, you are able to provide better air quality for yourself, as well as others in your home. Your home will be cleaner, healthier, and smell fresh. With the absence of ductwork, you can also help to prevent mold and mildew from growing there.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

One benefit of ductless air conditioners is that it is quiet. All the noises that you hear from a central air conditioner, from firing up to blowing air through your home, is eliminated with the ductless system. The parts of the ductless systems that produce the noise are located outside your home. By being outside, these parts, the compressor and condenser are together as a single unit and are able continue to work like they would normally, but you are not affected by the noise. The only parts inside your home are the fan and evaporator units. Ductless systems are also energy efficient and can save you money for your home. Since there are no ducts for air to travel through, it reduces the chance that the air will leak out, which results in your air conditioner running more than it needs too, as well as higher energy bills. Also, by having no ductwork for the system, you do not have to install or plan for the ducts throughout your home.

It can save you money

With ductless air conditioners, you can save as much as 30 percent of energy consumption. If ductwork is installed for your air conditioning system, there is a chance that air can leak out of any crack, gaps, or connection points in the ducts. This will cause you to be paying more for monthly energy bills because your air conditioner is working longer and harder to keep your home at the designated temperature. By having a ductless system, you do not have to worry about any leaks that may happen.