Have Good Quality Air in your Home



Improving the air in your home this winter is essential. Winter is the ideal time to turn up the heat and curl up under a blanket. However, all is not safe within areas of your home that you would least expect. Air quality can be a matter of keeping you and your family healthy this winter. Dust is the natural enemy of any happy homemaker and owner. Unfortunately, dust is more of an enemy than people realize. It can serve as an allergen to some and create respiratory to others.


Dust is not the only enemy in the home. These include that formaldehyde, lead, radon and even some chemicals used in cleaning products. This could cause issues for people with asthma and worse due to exposure to some chemical residue. Make sure to purchase a HEPA filter. High Efficiency Particulate Air filters will forces air through a mesh sheet that traps the particles such as dust mites, dust, and tobacco smoke. This will help in improving the air quality of your home.

Cleaning the filter

In areas of constant foot traffic, use the HEPA vacuum multiple times. This prevents accumulation of these dangerous substances in your home. Using water without cleaning agents, you can mop the areas vacuumed. Despite using a vacuum, there could still be some residue of dust and allergens in these areas. Also use a doormat. When people constantly walk around your home, they are tracking dirt and other substances into your home. If you buy a big enough mat, much of these foreign substances will be left at the door.

Fireplace care

In addition, burning wood in your fireplace may also affect the quality of air in your home. While this is a nice to do, it does not improve the air quality in your home. If you do have a fireplace, use it only when necessary such as emergencies or on rare occasions.

Have the ductwork cleaned

Consider cleaning the ductwork as well. A lot of dust and dirt can build up within your ventilation systems in order to clog and congest the passageways. Wintertime serves as a catalyst to the problem because not only is the heating system running most of the time, we want to keep doors and windows closed to keep the heat in. Cleaning the filter makes sure that dust, mold, and allergens are removed from the HVAC system. This could potentially increase the performance of your system and create a better airflow within your home. If you notice an issue with the air quality, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you.

Know your Furnace Filter



Having a warm and comfortable home is important. In order to do so, remember to keep up to date on the furnace maintenance inspections. To help maintain this system, it is critical to check the filter on a regular basis. Other parts and components of the heating system should also be inspected, including the ductwork and thermostat. If the ductwork is clogged, air will not be able to get through as efficiently. If there are cracks or punctures in the ductwork, it could cause the heat to be lost. This will make the furnace work harder and longer than it should. With lost heat, it can end up costing you more money each month on heating bills. If you notice that the actual temperature is different than the set temperature, there could be an issue with the thermostat. Make sure to contact us and we can come and inspect the heating system and all the components for you.


The filter is an important part of the furnace. Without a filter, the life of the furnace will be significantly reduced. There will also be extra wear on the parts because dirt and debris will cover the interior of the heating system. It will also result in poor quality air being distributed throughout your home from the ductwork. The filter is designed to capture and trap any dirt, debris, or pollutants that are in the air. This helps to prevent these harmful contaminants from going through the heating system. Since the filter captures the pollutants and dirt that are in the air, it is important to inspect the filter on a regular basis. When inspecting the filter, make sure to clean it off as best you can. Also check when it is recommended to change the filter. Over time, the filter will become so clogged that it will not be able to allow the air through efficiently. When this happens, a replacement of a new filter will be needed. You can also contact us and we can inspect the furnace system and filter for you.


By investing in a good quality filter and inspecting it regularly, you can help to improve the quality of air in your home. The filter will capture the dirt and pollutants to avoid them going through the ductwork. This will also prevent the debris from being blown out through the registers and vents in the home. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, make sure to inspect and change the filter regularly. Make sure to contact us, and we can inspect the furnace system and filter for you.

Make sure the Heating Unit is tuned-up for winter

Proper maintenance for the heating system should be done before you need to use it. By inspecting it early on, it allows you time to find any small problems that may have occurred. This can help prevent them from causing any larger issues in the future, which may be when you need the furnace the most. This can also help extend the life of the heating unit. It can help prevent energy waste when the heating system operates. The less energy that is used to keep your home warm and comfortable, the less the monthly utility bills will be as well. Make sure to inspect the furnace regularly through the winter as well. This can ensure that the system will be working efficiently and effectively when you will need to use it.

HVAC Maintenance that should be done

All moving parts of the heating system should be well lubricated. Friction can cause an increase in the energy that is used when the system operates. The thermostat setting should also be checked. The electrical connections should be tightened to ensure the safe operation of the unit. All voltage and current should be measured for safety reasons and efficiency as well. The controls should also be checked to make sure they are operating properly and effectively. The condensate drain should be inspected as well. If it is plugged it could affect the humidity levels in your home. A plugged drain could also do damage inside the home. An important thing to do is to make sure you swap out the furnace’s air filter as recommended. These filters can become dirty or clogged the longer they are used. This forces the system to pump harder to get the heat distributed through your home. If you are unsure of how often these should be inspected or replaced, we can help recommend a schedule. This is based on your home and furnace. By changing the filters, good quality air can be provided to your home again. Also, this simple task can let your home be more comfortable by using less energy. It can also help expand the life of the unit.

What needs to be done for the Heating unit?

The maintenance for the heating system should include a check on the fuel pressure, burner combustion, heat exchanger, and oil connections. A cracked heat exchanger should always be replaced for the safety of operating the unit. The air vents should also be checked so they can send and disperse the heat evenly throughout your home. This way the system can be as efficient as possible.

Even though you will not need to use it, do not forget about the air conditioner

The air conditioner unit will not need to be used in the winter, but do not ignore it. Make sure that the unit is cleaned off and cleared away of any leaves or debris. Depending on the make and model of the unit, you may need to cover it for the winter. It is important to follow the maintenance and storing tips for the air conditioner when it is not in use. This can help make the unit last long while being more efficient.

Get ready for winter with proper maintenance tips

Following a maintenance schedule throughout the year can significantly benefit you in the winter. The heating unit will be able to work efficiently and effectively. This can help to save you time, money, and stress if something should happen down the road. Making sure your heating system is in the most optimal condition possible is important to the comfort for you and your family.

Energy efficiency is important

Since the heating system will probably be running constantly throughout the winter, maintenance is the key to help it run the best it can. Make sure to inspect the filters on a regular basis. The filters should also be changed when they become full of dust and debris and are not longer effective. If you are unsure of how often to change the filter, we can help advise you on a schedule that is best suited for your home. Also inspect the insulation in the attic or crawlspace. Warm air rises and will exit the home through the roof. This is why it is important to have proper and effective insulation in the ceilings. To maintain the efficiency of your home, seal areas around recessed lights and plumbing vents. These areas may allow warm air from the living space below to enter the attic. Proper attic ventilation, insulation, as well as a tight air barrier between the attic and the interior of the home can work with one another to prevent ice dams. Equally important is to make sure there is no air escaping from cracks, gaps, or windows in your home.

Protect the pipes from the cold temperatures

Pipes that are located in the attic, crawl spaces, basement, or near outer walls can be vulnerable to freezing in the winter, as temperatures get colder. If the forecast is predicting unusually cold temperatures, let the water drip from hot and cold faucets overnight. Also try to keep the cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate in places, such as below any sinks. If you open the cabinet doors, make sure to remove anything from inside the cabinets that might be a safety hazard to children or pets. If there are exposed pipes in the attic, basement, or crawlspaces, you can help keep them from freezing by adding extra insulation around them. If you are unsure if the pipes are able to withstand the temperatures, we can inspect them for you. We can also help to make sure your home is well heated as well as being energy efficient through the cold months.

Inspect the furnace and components

When inspecting the furnace on a regular basis, also make sure to check the components of it as well. This includes the ductwork and even the thermostat. The ductwork and vents should be free of any cracks or holes that air could leak out of. Any place where air can leak out can result in an increase of monthly energy bills. This is because the unit is working harder to heat your home, to make up for the loss that is occurring.