Proper HVAC Maintenance



The HVAC system in your home is important. You will want to make sure it is inspected and checked on a regular basis. When you are not sure how often this should be done, make sure to contact us. We will provide you a schedule of when certain maintenance tasks should be done. Also it is important to have these performed on a regular schedule. When these tasks are done, then the system can operate as correctly as possible. If you do notice an issue between visits, make sure to contact us and we can come and inspect the source of the issue for you. Having it properly maintained will help improve the longevity of it as well.

HVAC Filter

Checking the filter is also very important. When the HVAC operates, it pulls air in and that passes through the filter of the system. Over time, the filter will become clogged and will eventually need to be replaced. By checking it on a regular basis, you can help ensure it is clean and clear. Sometimes you can vacuum the filter, but when it is needed, a full replacement is recommended for the filter. If you are not sure what type of filter you need, we will be able to recommend the right one.

Noticing Issues

You should also be aware of any odd noises or sounds that come from the unit. Clunks, squealing, or grinding are all signs of an issue with the unit. These noises may come from the unit itself, from the register or vents, or even from the ductwork. As noises are a sign of an issue, you will want to make sure you contact us so we can do a complete inspection of the HVAC system. This should also include all the components of it as well. By keeping it properly maintained, you will help save money in the long run. The unit will also last as long as possible when you keep it maintained.

Clean Air in your Home


Clean Air

You will want clean air in your home because it will benefit you and your family. If anyone has breathing issues, poor air quality can really affect them. Those who suffer from allergies or asthma may be more prone to noticing the air quality is less than ideal in your home. It can cause other issues like watery or itchy eyes. This is caused by the dust and contaminants that are in your home. Your nose may also be stuffy or runny. You may notice an increase in sneezing as well. Another sign of poor air quality could be if you have a sore throat, but only when you are home. If there are any health issues when you are home, and they disappear when you leave, it could be from the air quality.

Issues with the Ductwork

The first thing to do is to check the ductwork in your home. You will want to make sure it is clean and clear of any buildup of dust and dirt. Also check for any punctures or dents that could be in it. This causes the air to escape. The result is then the air that you spend money on is wasted. If your energy bill has gone up and the home temperature is not correct, it could be an issue with the ductwork. If the air can get out, there is also the probability that dust and dirt can get in. Then this is recycled in your home and around to your family members.

Check the Filter

Also remember to check and change the air filter in your home. Since it will collect dirt overtime and eventually get clogged, it is important to inspect. When it is recommended, a new filter should be installed so your home has the best quality air possible. We can also come and inspect the filter for you to ensure it is the best it can be.

Ductwork Cleaning is Recommended for your Home

Make sure your home air quality is the best it can be by having the air ducts in your home cleaned. This is especially important if you have substantial visible mold growth inside the ductwork or on other components of your HVAC system. If you have air ducts and the insulation gets wet or moldy it will have to be removed and replaced. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect the ductwork for you. Keeping the air in your home clean is important, so you will want to do everything you can to accomplish this.

Another sign that a ductwork cleaning is needed is if you see rodents or insects in the ducts. If the ductwork is infested with vermin, make sure to contact us for an appointment. The ductwork can become clogged with large accumulation of dust and debris. The particles are released into the home from your supply registers if you do not keep them clean. If you can see a build up of dust and pollutants, chances are that the further you go, the worse it is.

If you do not properly maintain the system, it may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. If moisture is in the system, mold growth is increased and spores from it may be released into the home’s living space. Some of these may cause allergic reactions when you or your family are exposed to them. Failure to clean a component of the system can affect the whole system in a negate way. It will also cause further air quality issues in your home.

If someone in your home suffers from allergies, you will want to check the air quality in your home. By having a visual inspection of the inside of the ducts, you will see if they are clogged. It is common that the register is dusty, since the air is pulled through the grate. These types of registers can be easily vacuumed or removed and cleaned. Make sure to contact us at the first sign of any issue you notice for your HVAC system. This can help you save time, money, and stress in the long run.


Cleaning the Ductwork this Fall

Just like replacing your furnace filter, air duct cleaning should be a part of your routine maintenance for any home containing a central air conditioning system, and there is no better time to have the ductwork cleaned than the later part of the fall season.

The air in your home could have pollutants because windows are often kept open at night to avoid running your cooling system. Increased foot traffic in and out of the home carrying with it air contaminants is also a reason. More time being spent outside means more time for you to accumulate contaminants that can find their way back inside your home and in your air duct system can lead to a decrease in air quality.

The fall is the best time to hire an HVAC contractor for air duct cleaning for a variety of reasons. The fall is typically a slow time for heating & cooling companies, which allow them to schedule dates much faster and usually offer seasonal discounted rates. With winter right around the corner, it is important to make sure any potential pollutants are removed so you and your family are not stuck breathing in dirty recycled air. This can often lead to health problems heading into the months where children and adults are much more susceptible to illnesses.

Many air duct cleaning also offer routine maintenance furnace tune-ups. Air duct cleaning can be a great opportunity to also have your furnace inspected to avoid potential furnace repair heading into the cold months ahead. Many factors go into your air duct cleaning cost, which can include the size of your home, layout of the ductwork, and also the amount of ductwork in your home.

If you are not sure if your home is in need of ductwork cleaning, there are some things to consider. If your home has pets, small children, anyone with allergies, or residents who smoke, duct cleaning is recommended. You can also contact us and we can advise you on if the ductwork needs to be cleaned.

Spring Maintenance for your Air Conditioner

As the seasons start to change, make sure to set aside some time to get your HVAC system inspected and cleaned. Over time, the system can have a build up of dirt and debris, which can result in reduced efficiency when they choke off airflow to your condenser. A way to avoid condenser buildup is through the use of a cover during the off season. If you are using a cover, make sure you remember to remove it before kicking the air conditioner on. Condenser covers can block airflow and reduce efficiency if they remain on your unit.

Your furnace filter acts as a buffer between the air you breathe and any potential contaminants. Making sure it is clean is important not just in the spring, but during each season. Some homes may only need two changes, during the fall and winter, while other homes may need filter changes as frequently as once per month. It all depends on your particular home. Make sure you are regularly checking your furnace filter and we can advise you when the filter should be changed.

Both your condenser and air distribution component, either an air handler or furnace, need power in order to work. This may seem ridiculous, but a switch or fuse may have blown and you wouldn’t even know it. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, look here first. If it does not seem like this is the issue, make sure you turn off your equipment immediately and call a professional. If you notice an issue between visits, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the system for you.

Why Cleaning the Ductwork is Important

Ductwork cleaning is important for the overall air quality in your home. If you can see dirt and debris in the ductwork, chances are it is worse the further back you go. Contact us and we can inspect the ductwork and how to clean them for you. You may also lose efficiency with the HVAC system. You will notice this by an increase in the monthly energy bills. If there is a crack or puncture mark on the ductwork, it allows the air produced to escape, not keeping your home comfortable.

Over time bugs, insects, spiders, and other pollutants can build up in it. This reduces the amount of airflow. Not to mention, it also pushes these particles through and can be in the air of your home. Making sure the filter is always cleaned and working properly can help keep your home in the best condition possible for air quality. If you are not sure how often to check the ductwork, contact us and we can advise you on it. We can clean and examine it as well for you.

If you ever notice an issue, it is always important to contact us right away. This can help reduce the chance of other issues forming. It will also decrease the chance of a costly repair bill for your system.

Fall Maintenance Tips for the HVAC System

Fall Maintenance


Now is the best time to get your HVAC unit ready for winter. It is recommended to contact us so we can inspect the system for you. This way you can ensure the parts are working efficiently and at top performance levels. These can include the filter, ductwork, thermostat, as well as the furnace unit itself.

Replacing the Filter

The filter will need to be inspected regularly to ensure it is clean and clog free of dirt. If you are not sure how often to check the filter, contact us and we can recommend a schedule for you.

Check the Coils

These can becom clogged with debris or coated with moisture and dust if you do not clean it. The will decrease the efficiency of your unit and can even lead to a breakdown. It will be harder to remove the grime by spring, so it is recommended to clean it now.

Clean the Ductwork

If the ductwork is dirty, you could be contaminating your home throughout the winter. If you can see dirt and dust, there will probably more further down the ductwork. If it is clogged with dirt and dust, it will not operate efficiently. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect the ductwork for your home.

Protect the Outdoor unit

It is important to cover any outdoor or rooftop units when they are not in use. This will protect them from the harsh elements. But make sure you do not wrap it completely air-tight. The moisture that is trapped inside the unit will cause rust and corrosion with time.



Checking the Filter this Fall for your Home



When you have an HVAC system in your home, you will want it to work efficiently and at top performance levels. This way you can save money each month on the energy bills and reduce repair costs.


You will want to inspect the filter on a regular basis. This is because over time, the dirt and dust in your home will be collected on the filter. This can reduce the amount of clean air that is then circulated through your home. It will also cause extra strain and stress on the HVAC system as well. If this happens, then the parts may need to be repaired or replaced sooner than they typically should.


Remember to never run the HVAC system without a filter in place. If you do, the dust and other pollutants can do damage to the parts inside the system. When the filter is clogged, make sure to have it replaced as soon as possible. This can help the clean air to circulated through your home again. If you are not sure what type of filter to use for your HVAC system, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the correct one.


Also remember to inspect the ductwork in your home. This is important because the air that is produced will need to travel through the ductwork and then into the rooms of your home. If the ductwork is clogged, it will need to be cleaned to ensure proper airflow in your home. It will also have less stress on parts of the system, and allow it to run at top performance levels. If you ever notice anything out of the norm with your HVAC system, make sure to contact us, so we can inspect it for you.

Getting Your HVAC System Ready this Fall



As the cooler temperatures approach, you will want to turn off the air conditioner, and get your furnace ready for winter. The most important thing you can do is to have it inspected on a regular basis. This way we can inspect the parts and components to ensure that it will be operating efficiently.


Make sure that the filter is always cleaned and inspected. The filter will help capture dirt, dust, and other particles that are in the air of your home. If you are not sure how often to change the filter, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on when the filter should be inspected, and when it should be changed. This can help keep the air in your home as clean as possible for you and your family.


Also be aware of any odd noises you hear. This could indicate that a part has worn and will need to be replaced. If you ignore an issue, over time it will become worse and cause further damage to the HVAC system. Contact us, and we can inspect the system for any issues. We can also check the ductwork, thermostat, and the unit itself for any damage or cracks.


Since the ductwork is the part of the unit that carries the air through your home, it is important that it is in the best condition possible. If there is damage to the ductwork, it can cause air to leak out. Over time, this can result in a higher monthly energy bill. By having the unit inspected, you can save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Saving Money on your HVAC System



When you own a home, you will want to keep it in the best condition possible. No matter if you are running the air conditioner when it is hot, or you turn on the heater when the temperature gets cooler, you will want the system to be as efficient as possible. There are also some tips you can do in order to reduce your monthly energy bills.


The most beneficial thing you can do is to keep the HVAC system clean. Whenever your air conditioner or heater is not performing at peak efficiency, it can result in using more power and correlates to more money being spent.


Also make sure that the system is inspected for any cracks or leaks. When air leaks are present in your home, your air conditioning and heating systems are working harder to either cool or heat your entire home, leading to a high energy bill. Check your doors, windows, and even ductwork to confirm if any leaks are evident, and then make sure you seal them.


You can also install a programmable thermostat. To make sure that no energy is wasted throughout the day, having a programmable thermostat enable you to set specified temperatures whenever you are home or not.


If you ever notice anything out of the norm with your HVAC system or an increase in energy bill, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the system to check for anything out of the norm. This way you can have a reliable system, while also being cost efficient through the year.