To help decrease heat and humidity in your home, there are some tips you that are quick and easy to do. By following just simple adjustments, the home will be more enjoyable to be in this summer. Not only will it make the home easier to breathe in, but it will also help save on energy costs. Along with saving on energy, it will reduce the amount of breakdowns that happen unexpectedly. When there are energy savings, the system will not have to work as hard or as long, thus reducing issues.

Decrease Cooking Inside

One of the first things is to decrease the use of any heat generated appliances. When the air in the home is already humid, the last thing that anyone wants is more heat and humidity to be added. Make sure that when the temperatures outside are at the highest, hardly and appliances are used. This can include things like cooking, drying laundry, or having an excessive amount of lights on. When the stove or oven is on, it will produce excess heat. Depending on what is being cooked or boiling water, it may give off even more moisture and humidity. So ideally if meals need to be made, they should be done in the evening when it starts to cool down. Otherwise cooking outside is great option.

Also make sure to shut the curtains and blinds where the sun shines through. In the morning, windows on the east side of the home should have the blinds closed. Then in the afternoon, you can open them, but make sure the ones on the west side are closed. As the rays of sun come through the windows, it will produce heat and start to warm up the home. By keeping these closed, it reduces any extra warmth and heat that is not needed in the summer.