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Filter Inspections in Winter

You will want the furnace to always be working the most efficiently that it can during the winter. So make sure inspections are doing regularly. This helps to keep you home warm and comfortable when you are there. If you have a programmable thermostat you can set it to warm up the home different hours of the day and different days of the week. There are different models of the thermostat that you can purchase. If your week is the same, you can have the settings programed so that the home starts to warm up just before you arrive home. This also decreases the amount of heat produced, as well as a monthly energy bill. If the home is kept warm while you are away, the heat is just wasted.

Purpose of the Filter

One part of the furnace that you will not want to forget about is the filter. The filter will help to keep the air in your home clean and free of pollutants. Filter inspections allow air to travel through the filter, but then capture and collect any dirt or dust that is in the air. This will then prevent the dirt from traveling through the furnace system. Always remember to have a filter in the furnace when it operates. If you do not, you can increase the chance of having a part becoming damaged from the dirt and dust.

Check it Regularly

Make sure that you check the filter on a regular basis. This way you can see when the filter is getting more clogged and full of dirt and dust. When it is recommended, you will want to change the filter with a brand new filter. While you can clean the filter, it will eventually need to be replaced. If you are not sure how often this should be, we can recommend when it should be done. If you have pets, you will have to replace the filter more often. This is because of the pet hair and dander. By changing the filter, you can help keep the air quality the best it can be.

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Choosing the Right Thermostat for your Home

Having the furnace system inspected is important for the overall efficiency and performance of it. When you follow regular maintenance, you can help the system to last longer as well. The furnace should be inspected before the heating season begins. Through the winter months, make sure to contact us with anything that might be out of the norm. This can include any odd sounds you might here, or if the system is not working correctly. One part to inspect is the thermostat. If the set temperature is different than the actual temperature, there could be an issue with it. The thermostat will start to wear out over time and age. When you look to get a new one, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat.

Having a programmable thermostat will help you to set the temperature in your home, when you want it to be that. There are different models of thermostats that you can by. We can also help to advise you on which one would be right for your home and lifestyle. One thermostat allows you to set Monday through Friday the same, and have the weekends different. This works great if you have a consistent work schedule through the week. Another option is to set each day separately for the thermostat. If you have a schedule that is different each day, this may be the best option for you.

Setting the Thermostat

With a programmable one, you can program it for temperatures for certain hours of the days and for days of the week. This is nice for when you want to return from work to a nice warm house. When the temperature is lowered during the day when you are gone, heat and energy will not be wasted. You can program the thermostat to raise the temperature to the desired temperature when you return home. The same can be done at night when you sleep. This can allow you to wake up to a warm and ideal home.

Inspecting the Furnace System



You may know that a maintenance inspection is important, but also remember to check some parts through the winter as well. The first thing is to check the filter for your HVAC system. Inspecting the filter will help ensure that the air can get through the system efficiently. When the filter is clogged with dirt and dust, it puts extra strain on the furnace system. Then the parts within the furnace can start to become damaged and wear down. They will need to be inspected on a regular basis to help ensure they are always in the best condition possible when it is operating.

Inspecting the Ductwork

The ductwork is another important part that you should inspect. Doing so will help decrease the chance that there is damage or wear to it. Any issues like cracks, holes, or puncture marks can actually increase your monthly energy bill. This is because the heat that is produced will escape through the damaged parts of the ductwork. When this happens, it causes the furnace to work harder and longer than it really should be. The furnace will constantly be operating to make up for the heat that is otherwise lost.

Other Parts

Remember that the thermostat should also be inspected. One sign is if the set and actual temperature are different. The signals could be getting lost to and from the furnace. If you are in need of a new thermostat, consider a programmable thermostat. This will help to make sure the settings are how you want them to be. It allows you to lower the temperature when you are away from the home. Before you arrive home you can program the thermostat to start operating. This will help your home to be warm and comfortable once you get there. If you are not sure what thermostat would be right for your home, we can recommend one.

Check all Components of the Furnace



Having the furnace operating in top condition is important. This will help you to have efficient airflow so your home is properly heated. The first thing to do is make sure the system has been properly maintained and inspected. Doing so also includes checking all the parts and components of the heating system. This includes parts like the filter, furnace, ductwork, and thermostat. Anytime there is an issue with the system, it could be one of the parts that is starting to malfunction. If the part has worn, it can end up costing you more in the long run.

Furnace Filter

One of the most important parts to inspect is the filter. The filter will collect dirt and dust over time as it operates. When the filter becomes clogged, the air flow is then reduced. This makes the system work harder with extra strain and stress for it. Make sure you have the correct size filter for your HVAC system. One that is too small or too large will not fit the furnace properly. The filter will need to be checked to ensure it is clean and still working properly. Based on how many people and pets you have in your home, you will need to change and replace the filter.


Look to see if the set temperature is the same as the actual temperature. If there is a significant difference between the two, there could be an issue with the thermostat itself. Sometimes the signal between the thermostat and furnace can malfunction. This will result in the furnace operating too much and producing too much heat. The opposite could happen where the furnace does not operate enough and will not produced the heat for the desired temperature you want. We can inspect the thermostat for your home.

Clean Filters are Important



In the winter, you will want your home to be as warm and comfortable as it can be. This should include having regular maintenance inspections done for it. You will want to have all the parts properly inspected to help ensure that everything is working correctly. The ductwork, thermostat, furnace, and all parts should be looked at. If you are not sure how often this should be, you can contact us. We will advise you when the inspections should take place. This will help ensure everything is working at top performance levels for the furnace.

Filter Maintenance

The filter will also need to be inspected for your home. It should be checked often. Also remember to have it replaced when it is recommended. This is important because the filter collects dust, dirt, and any other pollutants that could be in the air of your home. When the filter is cleaned, it will help increase the efficiency of air flow through it. Otherwise, strain can be put on the furnace system. This can cause it to need to be replaced sooner than it otherwise should.

Notice unusual things

If you hear an odd noise, you will want to check the furnace. Sometimes if the filter is too clogged with dirt and dust, the parts will wear. This is caused by the system working harder because it takes extra stress to get air movement through. When it is recommended, you should replace the filter. It is a great idea to keep an extra one or two on hand, so you know you will always have one. Make sure that you get a filter that is the correct size and design for your system. Not all filters will fit all furnace and HVAC types. If you are not sure what one to get, contact us and we can advise you on the correct one.

Winter Care for your Furnace



It is important to take proper care of the furnace in the winter. The last thing you will want is for the heat to go out on a cold, blustery day. Make sure that you are following the maintenance schedule for your HVAC and heating system. This should include checking the ductwork, thermostat, furnace features, and the filter. If you notice any odd noises or sounds, it will indicate an issue. When you hear a grinding or screeching noise, make sure that you contact us. Check the issue right away can help prevent further damage in the long run as well. If a problem is ignored, it can lead to other parts becoming damaged or failing as well. The heat may also suddenly go out, leaving your home colder than you desire.


Check the thermostat to ensure that the actual temperature and the set temperature are almost the same. A couple degrees difference is nothing to worry about, as sometimes the home has not warmed up to that yet. If there is a significant difference, then there could be an issue with the thermostat. Like any other appliance, the thermostat can fail. There could be a short in the system, or it could fail from age and wear. You will always want the home to be the temperature you set, especially during the colder winter months.

Check the Filter

In the winter, remember to check the filter often. This is because your home will be closed up tighter than it is the rest of the year. You will want to make sure that the filter is clean and clear of any build up of debris. This can put extra strain and stress on the furnace system. When there is extra strain, then other internal parts will work harder and might start to fail quicker as well.

Keeping the Ductwork Efficient

The HVAC system in your home should always be properly maintained and inspected. Doing so can help the efficiency of it. We can help to advise you on when certain maintenance tasks should be done for your HVAC system and furnace. The ductwork is important because it will help to save you money in the long run. If there is an issue with the ductwork, you may notice that heat is wasted. This is because the heat can escape through a hole or puncture in the ductwork before reaching your room. If you notice an increase in the monthly heating bills, it could be caused by this. Make sure to contact us, so we can inspect the ductwork for you.


The ductwork might be able to benefit from Aeroseal. This will propyl close up any hole or damage that may have happened to the ductwork. Therefore, it will also allow the heat to properly reach the rooms in your home, to warm them. We can inspect the ductwork and advise you on what actions should be required to help you get your furnace operating efficiently and correctly again. When the heat does not reach the room, then the furnace also works harder and longer. This is because it will need to keep running to produce the heat you have the thermostat set at.

Remember the filter

It is always beneficial that you check the filter in your home. This will ensure that the correct airflow can go through. A dirty air filter will become clogged. This results in more strain and stress on the furnace as it is trying to operate. Make sure that you check the filter on a regular schedule. The filter will also need to be replaced regularly as well. This can depend on if anyone smokes in your home, how many people, and how many pets you have.