replacingSummer season is coming, which means that you will be utilizing your air-conditioning much more than usual, and rightly so. Withstanding the gruesome heat without indoor air conditioning is almost impossible. At this time of the year, cleaning the air filters is one of the most recommended things to do for your HVAC systems.

Air filters help clean out the air that blows out from the channels so that circulating air inside is cool, breathable, and safe. It does this by filtering out the dust and debris from the air. Before the air can pass through the vent, it goes through the air filters and this is where the filtration occurs.

Why is Replacing the Air Filter is Necessary?

The air filters will start accumulating dust particles and debris over time until they reach their full capacity of filtration. At this point, the filters will have an overwhelming amount of residue, which will eventually make them less penetrable for the airflow.

As a result, the compressor starts to expend and use even more energy to maintain sufficient airflow. What this ultimately means, is that your compressor has to work much harder than usual, for the same amount of airflow. This becomes more evident when you notice the price of your utility bills increase.

People that do not focus on replacing the filters end up paying double the utility bills for unremarkable airflow efficiency. You can also resort to preventative and maintenance cleaning of your air filters. However, replacing an air filter that is specific to your requirements will be key if you wish to lower your utility cost this summer season.

Different Air Filters and Their Qualities

You may be confused over which air filters are the best for your home. Well, most people just lean towards the most expensive air filters thinking that they are high quality. Even though they are indeed high quality, it does not necessarily mean that they will give you the best airflow efficiency.

Each air filter comes with a Merv rating. This determines its filtering abilities. An air filter with a high Merv rating can filter out the smallest and most fine air particles. Even though this can mean well for some people, it may not be the best option for others.

People that live in conditions where the environment is dustier than usual, will benefit from having an air filter with a lower Merv rating, that does not disrupt the airflow. High filtration of air in places with an unstable air composition will result in a quicker accumulation of debris in the filter.

For this reason, considering the environmental aspects, along with the HVAC system are factors that can help determine the best Air filter for your home. To get the most efficient airflow, your air filter should have a filtration level that suits the environment of your house.


Air filter replacement will not only improve your house’s air quality but also influence the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Getting one as soon as possible can help you with cooling in this summer season.