maintenanceIf your HVAC system is not undergoing yearly maintenance then it may as well be on the verge of malfunctioning. Fortunately, air conditioner maintenance can be simple and doable for the average person. Similar to car maintenance, HVAC maintenance can also increase its lifespan, improve its functionality and performance, and also optimize its energy efficiency. Ultimately, your home’s HVAC system consists of three main units, the indoor, outdoor, and thermostat.

Inspecting all three of them is critical for an ideal maintenance job. Below are a few critical maintenance tips that you can perform earlier this fall, to ensure optimum heating throughout the winters.

Outdoor Unit maintenance

An air conditioning and heating unit blows out the air by pulling in environmental air through the coils. Hence, any blockages in the coil can be severely detrimental to the complete unit. The more preferable approach to inspecting and cleaning the coils starts by cutting out the power unit. You can do this by flipping off the breaker or plugging out the source.

The next thing you should do is get rid of all the debris that is sitting on the outdoor unit. You want to make sure to remove all the leaves, dust, and debris away from it. After you do that, you need to rinse the coils with water. You can do this with a garden hose, simply spraying the water inside the unit from the top. You can also achieve this goal by checking the electrical connections, wires and, wires and installations.

Indoor Unit

The most integral components of your indoor unit are the filters. To safely discard the filters for inspection and cleaning, you have to again turn the power supply off. The best way to inspect the filters is to check whether you can still pass light through them. If you cannot see the light from the other side, then your filter needs a replacement.

The general rule of thumb for filter replacement time is about 3 months. However, it is beneficial if you replace your filters as often as you can. Nevertheless, filters will wear according to the environment around them, which means their lasting time can vary according to each home.

Furthermore, if you have a humidifier, then you must turn it off in the summers. To ensure that your humidifier line is not clogged, you can also pour some water down the pipe.


Checking whether your thermostat is functioning optimally, all you have to do is verify that the reading of the thermostat is accurately representing the temperature of your room. A helpful tool for this inspection is a visual read thermometer. If the readings are inaccurate, then you have to schedule a tune-up with a technician.

With simple inspection and cleaning practices, your HVAC system can last you a lifetime, considering that you do them frequently and consistently. Regular maintenance and inspection are vital for the HVAC system’s health, and if you want your heater to perform optimally all winter long, then you must start adopting these maintenance habits.