Proper and regular maintenance is needed for your HVAC system and furnace. We can also advise you on when the schedule for maintenance should be done. Also, you will want to contact us anytime you notice anything out of the norm with the system. This can range from strange sounds, smells, or how it operates. Having it inspected will help further problems in the long run. It will also lower the chance of a repair bill as well.

Issues to be aware of

One issue that can happen with the furnace is that the filter becomes clogged often. If the furnace is not blowing air efficiently through the filter, it can lead to problems. You will benefit if the filter is cleaned and replaced often. We can also advise you on when this schedule should be. It can also be of benefit if you have an extra filter incase you need to switch it suddenly. The furnace should never operate without a filter in to capture any harmful pollutants that might be in the air of the home.


The furnace may also not produce enough warm air. If this is an issue, there could be a short in the system. We will need to inspect the thermostat to start with. Sometimes it will malfunction or fail completely. If you need to invest in a new one, think about a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set the temperature based on days of the week and the various times of each day. Having the thermostat set to the ideal temperature can also help you save on the heat bill.

Check the parts

If you notice a significant increase in your monthly energy bill, this can be the first indication of an issue. Make sure to call us. We can examine the system and furnace to make sure it is working correctly for you. This will help your home to stay warm and comfortable this winter.