Improving indoor

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) is a significant concern in today’s world. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have become aware that our heating and cooling systems should provide optimal air quality. The good news is that there are lots of ways to improve your home’s IAQ. In this article, we’ll discuss why indoor air quality matters, as well as some of our best solutions.

What is indoor air quality, and why is it important?

IAQ is the measurement of air quality in and around structures and buildings. Your home’s IAQ affects your health, well-being, and comfort. The air in your home contains millions of invisible particles that come from common household substances. This debris, combined with dust and excess humidity, pollute your air. In fact, studies have shown that a typical home’s indoor air quality can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

In today’s world, IAQ concerns have understandably increased. COVID-19 has brought significant lifestyle changes. Many more people are working from home, facilitating remote learning, and spending more time in their homes in general. With winter upon us, most of us will be spending even more time indoors. These factors, combined with the upcoming cold and flu season, make indoor air quality concerns even more prominent.

On top of this, several other factors can affect the quality of your home’s air. Homes with smokers are a clear example of this. Pet hair and dander also make their way into the air you breathe. Additionally, any use of aerosol products or contaminants will have an impact on your air. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to reduced productivity, impaired learning, illness, and respiratory problems. It’s a major concern for people with underlying medical issues, including asthma.

What are some options for improving Indoor air quality?

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of products and services designed for improving indoor air quality. At Ron’s Mechanical, we offer the following:

Air exchangers​, which circulate fresh outdoor air into the home, and move stale indoor air out. These exchangers use one fan and vent system to blow air outside, while another simultaneously sucks fresh air in. Air exchangers have the added benefit of regulating your home’s humidity, which improves home comfort.

 Air cleaners remove contaminants from the indoors, purifying the air you breathe. These are especially beneficial to asthmatics and allergy sufferers. They’re also great for reducing second-hand smoke.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers help regulate the moisture content of your indoor air. Humidifiers add moisture to prevent dryness, which may cause skin irritation. They can also ease symptoms of the common cold or flu. Dehumidifiers take moisture out of your home’s air. They’re known to help relieve symptoms of asthma or allergies by making breathing easier.

At Ron’s Mechanical, we offer a wide variety of IAQ products, including the following:

  1. Aprilaire humidifiers
  2. Aprilaire dehumidifiers
  3. Venmar air exchangers
  4. Honeywell electronic air cleaners and media filters
  5. Humidifiers by Honeywell
  6. Honeywell dehumidifiers
  7. Spaceguard air cleaners
  8. HEPA filters
  9. Panasonic bath fans
  10. Santa Fe ultra-efficient dehumidifiers

With all the time you’re spending indoors these days, you deserve to breathe in clean air. Do you have questions about the indoor air quality in your home? Give us a call today at ​(952) 445-8585 ​for more information. We look forward to helping you with your home’s ventilation needs.