improveYou can improve the air quality in your home with some easy steps. Considering the rise in forest fires in the North and South American region, along with the sudden surge of deadly viruses invading our air, it is obvious that the indoor air quality is under great threat. In this instance, you have to invest your time in proactively taking steps to improve you indoor air quality.

With the rise of tiny pollutants swarming the atmosphere around you, preparing for protection against these microscopic particles involves cleaning the air inside your homes, so that it is safe to breathe. Even though bad indoor air quality can be damaging, and also life threatening to people with existing conditions, you can still improve it using certain tools, and building the right habits. Below are ways you can do that.

Stick to Certain Chores

Dusting, vacuuming and laundry are excellent cleaning habits that also contribute to improving indoor air quality. Making sure that you frequently follow these cleaning habits will help you prevent the dust from suspending into the breathable indoor air, lower pet dander and also reduce other allergens that build up fast in an indoor location.

Change Habits

If you are a smoker, then simply by smoking outside and not indoors can vastly improve the air quality of your home. Another good habit is running your ceiling fan with the windows open. If you do not have ceiling fans, then it is time that you install one. Fans help initiate air circulation inside your home. Air circulation is incredibly important in maintaining air quality.

When you switch on the fan and open the windows, this allows for the air inside your house to exit, along with all the allergens, pollutants, dust and debris. Lastly, keep the widows open when the day is nice and breezy outside. This is another way to increase circulation in and around your house, as a result, improve indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers Improve the Air

Air purifiers do a great job of circulating the air inside a building. These are fundamentally simple machines, consisting of fan and a filter. The fan helps draw air towards the filter, and the filter tends to capture the pollutants in the air. However, air filters cannot really filter all the particulars. Some particulars are small enough to permeate through.

Improve Humidity Control

As a home owner, must be in control of the humidity inside your home. This will involve you to either install a humidifier or a dehumidifier depending on your region’s specific conditions. Overall, being on top of your air quality means that you have to keep humidity to optimum levels, increase ventilation with the help of air circulation, and install air purification tools to eradicate pollutants inside your home.