HVAC filter

Most people tend to ignore the furnace filter they have in their home. If you are one of those people, now is the time to consider replacing your HVAC system. If you talk to any HVAC expert, they will tell you that replacing HVAC filters is a must along with your seasonal maintenance. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t heed this advice and end up paying the price in the long run.

If you are still wondering whether it’s worth replacing your HVAC filters, the reasons mentioned below will surely convince you.

Dirty HVAC Filters can Increase Maintenance Costs

While it is true that clogged filters don’t necessarily result in system failure, they do increase maintenance costs down the line. A faulty ductwork or blower that requires maintenance due to rust, dust or debris is easily avoidable with regular filter replacement.

Changing your HVAC in a timely manner can help you steer clear from hefty maintenance costs, allowing you to spend your hard earned money on other important things.

Clogging Makes the HVAC Filters Inefficient

Replacing your HVAC filter is arguably the best way to improve your system’s performance. When these filters are clogged with grime, dirt, and dust, the HVAC will have to work doubly hard to pass the air through. Of course, this will also increase things like carbon footprints and energy bills, putting a massive drain on your budget. The good news is that you can solve this problem simply by replacing your air filter.

Your System Won’t Last as Long

Of course, if a system is working twice as hard to cool or heat your home, you will more things to worry about than just your bills. As mentioned earlier, clogged systems often result in overheating, causing the system to burn out. Buying an entirely new cooling or heating system along with an HVAC can, of course, be quite costly. You can easily save yourself a lot of money, simply by changing your HVAC filters on time

Dirty Filters Can Damage Your Health

Dirty air filers can are a gateway for things like dander, dust, and mold circulating inside your home or workplace. It essentially subjects your family to breathe in things like these, increasing respiratory problems allergies, asthma etc. Sure, maintaining your HVAC is a good idea, but it is better to confine these things by getting a new HVAC filter.

When Should I Replace my HVAC Filter?

You may be wondering when the right time to replace your HVAC filter is. Well, the answer really depends on your filter’s type and condition. Ideally, changing the filter once or twice per month would be a good choice.