HVAC filter cleaning is important. These systems are responsible for moderating and conditioning the circulating air inside a particular facility. Hence, the filters of an HVAC system are responsible for filtering out the contaminants. This epitomizes the integral role of the air filters situated behind the vents.

Clogged HVAC Filter

Air filters are often subject to frequent replacements, and that frequency can ultimately depend on the air pollution. A high quality air filter removes dust, pollen, and exhaust fumes. It also removes odors and other components entering into your home from outside. It is important to note how air filters work to understand why you need to replace and clean them.

Air filters consist contribute to a passageway that air particles have to pass through to get inside of your house. Dust particles, debris, and other contaminants vary in size, and they are larger than air molecules. Filters therefore, trap the dust, debris and other contaminants inside the air as it is passing through. By doing so, it helps clean the air that is entering a particular facility from the HVAC vents. Since dust settles on top of the air filters, it keeps getting collected and accumulated on the filters. This result in blocking the filters completely. When dust blocks the air passing through the filters, they work harder in order to compromise for the blockage. Working harder ultimately means that it utilizes more energy, and this makes the HVAC system inefficient.

It also translates to higher utility bills from for the users. Hence, fixing the issues relating to clogged filters will not only help you get a better estimate on your utility bills and savings on your expenditure, but it will also help increase the HVAC system’s lifespan. Not to mention, it will revive the filtration process and make the circulating air inside a home or facility more breathable and clean.

How to Clean HVAC Filters?

There are two ways you can deal with clogged air filters. The first is to manually clean them, and the second is to replace them with a new one.

The general rule of thumb is to clean the air filters every other month considering you use air conditioning or heater each day. To clean the filters, you have to first access the filters and remove them from inside the vents, or the air conditioning unit.

This step is fairly easy, as all you have to do is remove any sort of clip, or handle to open the air unit. If the air conditioning unit is clogged with dust, it will be very evident, since the filter will no longer posses its transparency, and will instead show plenty of coloration.

Cleaning a dirty filter is simple, you have to simply slide it out and give it a wash with soap or shampoo of any kind and then you can let them dry by either leaving them in the sun, or by using fans.

Even though cleaning an air filter is fairly easy, if the condition of the filter is really bad even after cleaning it, then it is better to replace it with a new one.