water heater

Generally, when you buy a new house, you need to make sure that you have the right size water heater. If you have a tankless heater that is too small, then you will run out of hot water too fast. On the other hand, having an extra big heater will require you to spend unnecessary amounts on hot water. Before you make the shift from a small water heater to a bigger or vice versa, you have to take in a few considerations. No matter the water heater, we can service them. Remember, that if you need to install one, you will need a licensed plumber in order to do so.

Do You Normally Run Out of Hot Water from the Water Heater?

If you normally or always tend to run out of hot water when taking a shower, you may need to upsize your water heater. Before you do this, you need to remember that manufacturers have changed the code and made water heaters thicker. They did this to make them more energy-efficient. Thus, if you want to get a new heater, make sure that the new one fits the compartment space of the old one.

What is Your Peak Hour?

This refers to your maximum hot water requirements. The peak hour rating tells you how many gallons of hot water you need in a day. You can do this by calculating the gallons of hot water that you use. This can involve the hot water you need for showering, face washing, shaving, brushing, washing clothes, dishes, and other household necessities.

By counting the total numbers of each gallon, you can get a good idea of your hot water requirements. You can then base your decisions by looking at the number. It will precisely tell you whether you should upsize or downsize a heater.

1st Hour Rating

The first-hour rating tells you how much hot water you can get out of a water heater in an hour. This consideration is also necessary. Once you figure out how much hot water you need in an hour, you can match that with the first-hour ratings on the water heater.

This will help you find one that is sizable for your hot water requirements. This way, you will not run out of hot water. Once you have the numbers down, you can calculate whether you can manage a specific water heater rating. In addition, you can also figure out which one or size will save you the most amount money in a year.

Take your time when choosing between the right sizes of your heater. You should not have to rush this decision; if possible, take guidance from an expert plumber as well. The basic rule of thumb is to invest in a one that provides you with manageable and sufficient hot water. Moreover, it should also save a good amount of money. If you notice an issue with the water heater once it is installed, contact us. We can come and service it so it is operating efficiently for your home.