Be aware of any children or pets that might be in backseat of your vehicle. Always make sure that you look back there when exiting the vehicle. Do not rely on noise, because if they have fallen asleep, it can be easy to forget they are back there. Some newer cars have a feature that will alert you for anything left in the back as you get out. It will sense a difference in weight in the seat. This can include children, pets, or even if you set groceries or objects on the seat. No matter what, it is always best to look. Overall, it is a good habit to get into to open the back door and double check. This way you can reassure yourself nothing or no one is in there.

Remember Children in the Car

Even if you think that you will run into a store quick, do not leave a child or pet behind. There is no guarantee how long you will be in there. There can be several circumstances that change how long it takes to run in. If you start talking to someone you know, start browsing around the store, or even a long wait for checkout are all things that can happen. Cracking a window or parking in the shade will not help either. Typically on an 85 degree day, the vehicle can warm up to 100 degrees quickly. This can happen in as little as ten minutes. When the temperature is warm, it will heat up quicker.

The car can act like a greenhouse when you shut the air off. The sunlight will heat the interior through the windows. As it heats up the dashboard and seats, they will radiate more heat as well. This will increase the temperature inside. Without the air running or windows cracked, there will be no circulation either.  So always make sure that you take everyone with you when leaving the car.