air conditioner maintenance Air conditioner maintenance is needed in the spring. With spring almost here, people have already started planning for the summers, which includes getting their AC ready and running before the first heat wave. One of the biggest mistakes AC owners tend to make is that they delay their air conditioner’s maintenance, which leads to further problems. Before switching your AC on after a long time, consider following the maintenance advice mentioned below to ensure your air conditioner runs properly throughout the summer.

Clean the ACs Condenser

You must pay special attention to the condenser unit of your AC. Start by removing the cover and wiping off dead branches, leaves, dead grass etc. followed by cleaning them thoroughly with a water and a soft brush. Make sure you are extra careful when cleaning the AC as the fins of a condenser can bend quite easily, resulting in a lot of damage.

Once you clean the condenser properly, it would be best to inspect the outdoor unit and check for any signs of damage. In case you spot any issues, avoid turning your AC on until you get a professional to check it.

Inspect the Refrigerant Line

You will find two main refrigerant lines starting from your consider to your home or office. The bigger suction line will be covered in insulation. For those who don’t know, the insulation is excellent for making sure the air remains cool. Your AC will not work with maximum efficiency without proper insulation, which will also waste a lot of money.

Get a professional HVAC expert to check your ac for worn or cracked spots. If they notice any problems with the insulation, consider getting it replaced right away. What’s more, not inspecting the line could cause your air conditioner to freeze up.

Ensure the Thermostat is working

Contrary to popular belief, spring air conditioner maintenance requires a lot more than merely checking your AC. You also have to check the thermostat. After you switch everything on, activate your thermostat’s “cool” setting and adjust it to four to five degrees less than your room’s current temperature.

This process may take some time, so there is no need to worry if you don’t notice a difference immediately. However, if your air conditioner is not throwing cool air, consider getting an HVAC expert to fix the issue.

Get an Expert to Tune Your AC

This is arguably the most critical part of spring time air conditioner maintenance. There is a good chance that you haven’t turned your AC on in months, especially during the winters. Therefore, it would be best if you got an experienced HVAC technician to check your AC for faults. By having air conditioner maintenance done, it can be efficient this summer.

Besides spotting problems, professional tune ups can also significantly minimize the chances of breakdowns. In addition, they can reduce your energy bills while increasing the ACs overall efficiency.