Fall is in the air. “Tis the season for changing leaves, pumpkin spice, and a furnace tune-up. Yes,that’s correct. Autumn is the best time of the year for routine maintenance on your home’s central heating system. The last thing you want to deal with during the freezing winter months is a furnace malfunction. Thankfully, this can be avoided. Below, we’ll explain what goes into a furnace tune-up and why it’s essential to schedule one now before the weather turns cold.

What’s included in a furnace tune-up?

Our skilled technicians at Ron’s Mechanical will go the extra mile to ensure your furnace functions at maximum efficiency. With a tune-up, we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection to address anything that could lead to potential issues down the road. Our technicians are prepared to handle it all. With a tune-up, it includes the following:

Complete lubrication of all moving parts

Safety controls and startup cycle check

Electrical connections and wiring check

Heat exchanger inspection for signs of damage or corrosion

Vent system check and blockage removal

Blower and blower motor inspection

Fan belt check and adjustment

Thermostat inspection and calibration

Air filter replacement

What are the advantages to scheduling today?

1. Reduced risk of breaking down during colder months

Since winter is when you rely on your furnace system the most, autumn is a popular time to schedule tune-ups. It reduces your chances of having to deal with an emergency situation in freezing temperatures. By being proactive, you avoid potential problems when you least need them.

2. Preventative maintenance leads to a longer system life

Like anything else, your furnace needs routine maintenance to help it run more efficiently. This is especially true as your system ages. Consider your car. What would happen if you never took it in to get serviced? The same logic applies to your home heating system. Preventative care ensures optimal furnace functioning for several years to come.

3. Peace of mind and safety for your family

One of the most important reasons for furnace maintenance is to check the heat exchanger. A cracked or damaged heat exchanger could cause harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, to leak into your home. Protective care on your heating system helps protect you and your family from these dangers.

4. Potential to lower your monthly energy bills

A furnace operating efficiently uses a smaller amount of energy. This results in lower energy bills for you. With time, furnace systems get filled with dust and debris that causes them to slow down. Cleaning this out results in optimal functioning and money saved on your monthly bill. If there is an increase, make sure to contact us.

5. Warranty compliance

Home heating systems generally come with manufacturer’s warranties. This protects the systems and cover the cost of necessary repairs. A valid warranty requires annual equipment maintenance, such as a fall tune-up. Not complying with this could result in losing the warranty on your furnace system.

Furnace tune-ups are an essential for home ownership that can’t be put off. Schedule a tune-up now and make an appointment right away. Doing so helps to avoid longer wait times that come with the winter season.

Ron’s Mechanical is a local, family-operated business that you can count on. To learn more about our services or to schedule your fall tune-up, give us a call at ​(952) 445-8585​. ​We look forward to providing you with quality, professional service.