Aeroseal Saves Money on Heating & Cooling

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How Aeroseal Works for Homes


Sealing ductwork used to be a huge hassle – messy mastic paste and tape that never seem to really do the job right.

With Aeroseal, you can enjoy all the benefits of duct sealing without the mess:

  • • Increase Your Comfort
  • • Lower Energy Consumption
  • • Improve Air Quality
  • • Pre & Post Leakage Measurements!

David Shaefer

Project Engineer, Gruman/Butkus Associates

“The result was pretty impressive. If this new technology didn’t exist, we would have had to rethink the entire project – perhaps replace the entire duct system. The aeroseal approach not only saved the hotel an unimaginable amount of money in material and labor costs, but it averted the enormous disruption associated with having to tear out and replace the existing ductwork.”

John Hollister

Senior Capital Project Manager, Harvard University

“I would absolutely call this a project saver. Our only other option was to tear down walls and demolish the building structure in order to access the leaky ductwork. We were very pleased with the results and I honestly don’t know how we would have solved this issue if the aeroseal technology wasn’t available.”