To improve the air quality in your home, make sure that you have the proper equipment installed. Doing so will help reduce any health hazards that could be caused by indoor air pollution. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, it will make it more difficult to breathe. To help improve the air quality, there are three different strategies to choose from. These include source control, improved ventilation, or air cleaners. We can also advise you on what your options are, and what one is best for your home.

Improve Air Quality with these options

The most effective way to improve your air quality is to eliminated the individual sources of pollution or reduce their emissions. Using source control can help accomplish that. Source control is also a more cost efficient option to protecting the indoor air quality. Other options may cause an increase in energy costs for your home and HVAC.

Most HVAC systems do not mechanically bring in fresh air into your home. By increasing the amount of outdoor air coming in, you can lower the concentration of indoor air pollutants. When opening windows in your home, it can increase the outdoor ventilation rate. Kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans will remove the contaminants directly from that specific room. If you are doing any sort of activity that generates high level of pollutants, you will want proper ventilation. These could be tasks such as painting, cooking, or sanding. Ventilation can also help to control the indoor temperatures. It will remove or dilute pollutants that come from indoor sources as well. This will reduce the contaminants level and improve your indoor air quality.

Another option is to have an air cleaner in your home. There are various types and sizes to choose from. These are effective at removing particles of the pollutants in your home. It will collect pollutants from the indoor air and draw it through the cleaning and filter element of the cleaner. Those who are sensitive to particulate sources of pollutants may find air cleaners the most helpful.