If your current home does not allow central air, now is a great time to look into a mini split. Investing in a mini split can provide several benefits for your home. One of the best things is the compact size, taking the best features of larger forced air systems into a smaller unit. There is a large selection size of mini splits that you can choose from. This can range from a size small enough for a bedroom, to a size that can cool a whole house. With a single zone mini split system, these are perfect for being able to cool a single room. This will help to heat or cool your home for a fraction of the cost. You can also invest in a larger system that will spread the air out over a wider area. This is the perfect size for heating or cooling your entire home.

Mini Split options

There can also be options if you want to install several throughout your home. One option is to have a wall mounted unit. This is ideal for any wide or large rooms. The air will be spread over the entire area. This conceals the heating or cooling exchange parts inside the ceiling, removing it from view. Completely concealed mini splits are also offered. This helps to conceal them while providing air throughout your home. No matter how big your home is, a mini split can offer adequate comfort. It can also go into a room that has been added on to your home. Mini splits are also beneficial for installing in a cabin.

One other benefit of a mini split is that ductwork is not needed for it. This will help you save on time and expense of having the ductwork cleaned, or checking it for any leaks. With a mini split, the ductwork is no longer part of the HVAC process. Rather the air handler is installed directly in the space that you wish to heat or cool in your home. It will provide you a system that is completely ductless. There will also be less maintenance than the traditional forced air systems for your home. If you have any questions about a new or your current HVAC system, always make sure to contact us.