As the transition from heating the home to cooling it starts, you will want to make sure that your HVAC system is working. By checking the air conditioner now, you will be able to help ensure the air conditioner will work when you need it to this summer. By following regular maintenance inspections, you can help prolong the life of it. Anytime there are any odd noises you hear, you will want to contact us. Even if you think the issue might be small, it is always best to get it properly inspected by us. This way, you will help prevent further damage to other components.

Transition between months

When you turn the air conditioner on for the first time, you will want to have nice fresh cool air. After not being in use for several months, there are several working parts and gears that will need to be checked. One of these should be the filter. As the HVAC system operates, you will notice that the air is brought in through the filter of it. The fresh clean air then goes through and into the ductwork. The job of the filter is to capture any dust or pollutants that are in the air of the home. This will reduce the chance of them being blown into the air of your home again. Always remember to never run the system without a filter. When this happens, the dirt and dust will affect the gears and parts as well.

Keeping the air quality the best it can be is important, so contact us with any questions you might have. Investing in a whole home air purifier will be beneficial for everyone. If someone suffers from allergies or asthma in your home, you will want the cleanest air possible. Make sure that if you have any questions that you contact us. This way you can have the most reliable HVAC system your home needs.