During this time, you will want to make sure to practice social distancing. While making sure to only go out in public when you absolutely have to. This way you can help prevent the transfer of germs and the virus. There are several outdoor activities that you can do such as walking, hiking, riding a bike, or just sitting on a bench outside. You could also take a nice drive and role down the windows for some fresh air. Make sure to stay safe, and distance yourself from others. While it might be hard not to hug friends and loved ones, it is what is best for everyone right now.

You will also want to remember to wash your hands frequently. This will help prevent the spread of germs and the virus. If you must go to your job, or to get groceries, make sure to stay safe. Also remember to call and check the hours that they might be open, as these could change and recommendations change. This will prevent you from having to wait until a business opens, or arriving shortly after it has closed. If you need anything with your HVAC needs, make sure to contact us. You can also read our Covid-19 response here… https://ronsmechanical.com/covid-19

Stay safe and healthy!