Make sure to clean and change the filter of your HVAC system on a regular basis. Doing so will help it to run smoothly and efficiently. If you ignore this, you can end up doing damage to the furnace and other parts. If you are not sure how often the system should be maintained, ask us. We can advise you a schedule that will allow us to check the furnace system for you. Also be aware of anything out of the norm with it. If it starts to make odd noises, you will want to contact us. Ignoring any problem or issue can lead to further problems in the long run.

Change the Filter

To clean the filter, you will want to take it out and dust or vacuum it off. Removing the dirt and dust from it is important so that the air can pass through the filter properly. If the filter is clogged, then it will take extra strain and stress to move the air through the filter. This will then lead to the parts failing sooner than they otherwise should. Remember to never have the furnace run without a filter in place. Without a filter, the dirt and dust can get into the system. It will then cause issues to all the moving parts and gears. This can lead to a costly repair bill.

When changing the filter, you will want to make sure it is the same size and type as the other filter. If you are not sure what type of filter is needed for your system, you can contact us. This will always help your system to run correctly. We can also come and install the filter for you. Doing so will ensure it is installed correctly. Having a system working properly will help keep your home warm and comfortable.