Regular checking of the filter for the HVAC system is important, and especially in the fall. Checking the filter will help to ensure that it is free of any dirt, dust, or other pollutants. Any large parts of insulation or debris could be pulled into the HVAC system. With a filter, it can help prevent this from happening because it will block the object from getting in. If you do not change the filter regularly, it will become clogged. A clogged filter is one of the most common reasons for a furnace failure. By checking and changing the filter based on a schedule, you can help the performance of the system.

Checking the Filter

A clogged filter can cause the fan in the HVAC system to work harder. This is because it will need to operate harder and more often to push the air through the system. This can also cause the energy bills to become higher as well in your home. You can also notice a sign of a clogged filter by the air comfort level in your home. Another sign could be that the temperature is not able to send the signal to and from the system. This will prevent it from powering down, and will make it run almost continuously. Doing so will put more strain on the fan of the motor as it operates. If you notice the monthly energy bills are higher, make sure to contact us for an inspection.

When Mold is an Issue

Checking the filter is important so you know when it is time to clean or change the filter. If it becomes full of moisture and is damp, then there can be a growth of mold and mildew. There is also the increased chance of bacteria to become an issue as well. When the mold and bacteria starts to form, this can actually do more harm to the air in your home. These pollutants and allergens can become a regular part of the air that is circulated back into the air in your home. Over time the air quality will decrease quickly. To make sure the air is always in the best condition, make sure to contact us for an inspection.