Carbon monoxide is a gas that is odorless, colorless, and virtually undetectable by a person. It can however be detected by a ceiling detector that you can install in your home. The incomplete combustion of fuels will cause carbon monoxide to form. You will want to make sure that your home is free of carbon monoxide and other issues. Make sure that the furnace is inspected and tuned up before you need to turn it on. Following regular maintenance schedules are important to keep your HVAC system working correctly.

Carbon monoxide symptoms

There could be some symptoms you start to notice if you have poisoning. These can be similar to having the flu, so you will want to pay close attention to it. If others in your home are experiencing the same symptoms, it is best to go to a doctor. Also remember to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home as well. If you are not sure what type or kind of detector to get, we can advise you on the options.

You will also want to check any appliances that could cause carbon monoxide. These are typically appliances that are fuel-burning. Some can include gas stoves or ovens, gas space heater, or even a wood stove. Fireplaces can also lead to the gas if there is an issue. Either a gas or wood burning fireplace can have the possibility of the issue. You should also check other appliances like the clothes dryer, water heater, furnace, boilers, and even generators for your home. Anytime a vent or door is blocked, it also blocks fumes from leaving an area. When these build up, you have a greater risk of having poisoning in your home. So this fall, make sure to invest in a detector so you can help prevent the issue from occurring.