Increase Humidity

The air in your home not only needs to be good quality, but it also needs to be comfortable. During the winter months, the air will become drier because of the cold temperatures. You may notice that you are more prone to getting shocks or having static on your clothes or in your hair. This can be especially noticeable when you touch something metal like a light switch or doorknob. By investing in a whole home humidifier, you can help to make sure that the home is at the ideal level for humidity and comfort. If you are not sure what this should be set at, we can advise you on what range it should be at.

Dry Air

With dry air, you can increase the chance of damage to your home. Wood, paint, fabric, and furniture can all be damaged when the air is too dry. The wood and paint may start to split or peel off. You may also notice some things will start to dry out and warp. By having your home set at the ideal humidity levels, you can keep your home and interior looking like new. In the winter this especially important because of the cooler, dry air that winter brings.

If you still notice that one room or area of the home still is quite dry, you can invest in a portable room humidifier. This is great if you want to add a little more comfort to an area, like your bedroom. The humidifier will help to add moisture to the air of your home, so it is easier to breath. When the air is dry, you may notice that you are affected as well. You may get itchy eyes, scratchy or dry throat, and even issues with breathing. Dry air also makes it easier to get nosebleeds. So make sure to look into a humidifier to make your home as comfortable as possible.