You may know that a maintenance inspection is important, but also remember to check some parts through the winter as well. The first thing is to check the filter for your HVAC system. Inspecting the filter will help ensure that the air can get through the system efficiently. When the filter is clogged with dirt and dust, it puts extra strain on the furnace system. Then the parts within the furnace can start to become damaged and wear down. They will need to be inspected on a regular basis to help ensure they are always in the best condition possible when it is operating.

Inspecting the Ductwork

The ductwork is another important part that you should inspect. Doing so will help decrease the chance that there is damage or wear to it. Any issues like cracks, holes, or puncture marks can actually increase your monthly energy bill. This is because the heat that is produced will escape through the damaged parts of the ductwork. When this happens, it causes the furnace to work harder and longer than it really should be. The furnace will constantly be operating to make up for the heat that is otherwise lost.

Other Parts

Remember that the thermostat should also be inspected. One sign is if the set and actual temperature are different. The signals could be getting lost to and from the furnace. If you are in need of a new thermostat, consider a programmable thermostat. This will help to make sure the settings are how you want them to be. It allows you to lower the temperature when you are away from the home. Before you arrive home you can program the thermostat to start operating. This will help your home to be warm and comfortable once you get there. If you are not sure what thermostat would be right for your home, we can recommend one.