Having the furnace operating in top condition is important. This will help you to have efficient airflow so your home is properly heated. The first thing to do is make sure the system has been properly maintained and inspected. Doing so also includes checking all the parts and components of the heating system. This includes parts like the filter, furnace, ductwork, and thermostat. Anytime there is an issue with the system, it could be one of the parts that is starting to malfunction. If the part has worn, it can end up costing you more in the long run.

Furnace Filter

One of the most important parts to inspect is the filter. The filter will collect dirt and dust over time as it operates. When the filter becomes clogged, the air flow is then reduced. This makes the system work harder with extra strain and stress for it. Make sure you have the correct size filter for your HVAC system. One that is too small or too large will not fit the furnace properly. The filter will need to be checked to ensure it is clean and still working properly. Based on how many people and pets you have in your home, you will need to change and replace the filter.


Look to see if the set temperature is the same as the actual temperature. If there is a significant difference between the two, there could be an issue with the thermostat itself. Sometimes the signal between the thermostat and furnace can malfunction. This will result in the furnace operating too much and producing too much heat. The opposite could happen where the furnace does not operate enough and will not produced the heat for the desired temperature you want. We can inspect the thermostat for your home.