If you are getting tired of your current heating system, or how expensive it is to operate, you may want to look into an alternate form of heating. One of the options you have is an air handler. Air handlers are devices that connect directly to your duct system that ventilates air throughout your home. The air handler is also compatible with other home comfort systems like central air or home humidifiers, and can work to circulate whatever conditioned air you need throughout your home. Air handlers can come in smaller sizes and can be positioned to fit where your home needs them. You can also contact us and we can advise you on the size that would be best for your home.

Types of Standard Air Handlers to Choose From

There are a few types of standard air handlers to choose from, depending on your budget and housing situation. The multi speed air handler is a good choice when you are looking to have quality heat throughout your home. If you want an even higher quality air handler with more features, a variable speed unit offers a system that. Unlike traditional furnaces, this adjusts the speed of the fan to the heating and cooling needs of the house. This allows your home to exist more consistently at a comfortable temperature, because the fan is not alternating between pumping out hot air and doing nothing at all. Since the fans will not necessarily be running at full speed, you will experience a much quieter heating experience. There is also a vertical wall mount air handler option, which offers more versatility for the placement of your air handler. To make sure which air handler is right for your home, call us to discuss your situation and the best options to meet your needs.

Air Handler Benefits for the Home

Many of the benefits of air handlers come in the form of the variable speed air handler, which offers a great number of home comforts that other heating systems do not. The system is often more quiet than other traditional heating units. You will also have a more controlled home temperature that will not fluctuate like an ordinary stop and start system. The fact that an air handler is always running may make it seem inefficient, but the air handler is actually uses very little energy, since it rarely runs at top speed like furnaces do. Having your air constantly circulating through your home also means that it will be constantly running through your air filter, greatly increasing your indoor air quality. One other potential benefit is that air handlers run on electricity, so you will not have to pay as much on rising fuel.

Air Handler Maintenance is Important

Air handlers are very technical, and should have regular maintenance checks. This is usually done twice a year, which is before and after winter. Make sure to call and have one of our professionals come to check and clean out the air handler as part of your yearly maintenance. A clean unit will be much more efficient than a clogged dirty one. Well maintained units can also run at top efficiency.