Improving your Indoor Quality

air quality

Having good air quality is important no matter what time of the year it is. Since you will spend more time indoors during the winter months, it is especially important to make sure the air quality is the best it can be. In the winter, typically the doors and windows stay shut. This makes the indoor air is mostly recycled during these months. Any pollutants that are brought in from the outside or form the home are re-circulated over and over again. This can go on for many months unless the indoor air is purified during winter.

Healthy air quality

In order to keep the air quality the best all season long, you need to have the correct air filter system installed in your house. Make sure to change the air filter during winter to ensure the equipment performs properly. A quality home air filter is also important for you and your family. Typically a third of homes have 30% poor indoor air quality.  By cleaning and changing your air filter, it improves the indoor air quality during winter.

Fresh air in winter

In your home, an air filter keeps the indoor air fresh. When the outside temperatures decrease, a filter allows you to keep the air from getting stuffy without having to crack a window. You want to reduce all possibilities of losing heat that is produced during the winter. For your furnace system, cracking a window can reduce the efficiency and increase your monthly energy bills.

Check the Filter

In order for air filter to keep the indoor air clean, the filter will need to be free of dirt and dust. Check the filter at least once a month for dirt and dust build up. When recommended, you will need to change the filter. Also make sure to clean the filter when necessary to allow for clean air filtration. If you are buy a new air filter, choose a HEPA model for the furnace system. These are more effective at removing germs from the air. If you notice an issue with the filter or air quality, contact us. We can inspect the HVAC system and air quality for you.