Proper Fall Maintenance for your Furnace



The furnace and entire HVAC system in your home should be properly maintained. If you are not sure what should be done and how often, always make sure to contact us. This will help to make sure that the parts are always working, as they should be. When you notice an issue with the system you will want to call us immediately. This will help prevent even further problems. If you ever notice odd noises, you will want to call us so we can inspect the furnace system for you. Regular maintenance inspections now will help keep your furnace lasting longer this winter.

Fall Season

As you flip the switch to have the furnace start working and producing heat, you will want to make sure it is efficient. This will also help you to save money and time in the long run as well. If the system is not well maintained, then there will be more wear and tear to the entire system. The system will need to operate longer and harder in order to try and produce the heat that your thermostat is set at. If you notice that the set and actual temperature are different from each other, you will want to make sure you contact us.


The filter should also not be ignored this fall either. This is designed to help capture any pollutants or dirt that can be in the air of your home. The filter will need to be cleaned and checked on a regular basis. This can be determined based on how many family members you have, if anyone smokes, and if you have pets in the home as well. We can also tell you how often the filter should be checked. The filter will also need to follow the change schedule that is recommended as well. Having a new filter will help increase the air flow through the system.

Notice any Issues with your Furnace System



The furnace system in your home should be inspected on a regular basis. Doing so will help it last as long as possible. Proper care will help ensure the system and unit last as long as possible. Regular maintenance will help with the efficiency and how it operates. Forgetting regular tasks can increase the chance of a breakdown occurring, especially at the worst time of the year. The last thing you will want to have happen is the furnace not working when it is below freezing outside. If you want to know when the HVAC system should be maintained, make sure to contact us for a schedule.

Check the Furnace

The most important feature is the furnace itself. We will check the various part, components, burners, and other features to ensure they work. The unit should be free of any garbage or junk that is near it. This can lead to a safety hazard because it could start a fire. You should allow enough space so there is not anything touching the furnace. Also make sure it is free of any leaks. If you notice a leak, call us right away so we can inspect and repair it for you.

Remember the Filter

Also remember to check the filter for the furnace. If you have pets, you will need to chance the filter more often. Pet do not only shed hair, they also shed dander. This can get into the unit, and into the air. The filter will collect these pollutants so your air is cleaner. If you are not sure when the filter should be inspected, contact us and we can recommend a schedule.


Remember to check the thermostat as well. A sign to notice an issue is if the thermostat set temperature is significantly different than the actual temperature. There could be an issue with the thermostat, the furnace, or any part in between. It can also lead to the unit operating harder and longer as well. This will increase your monthly energy bill, as well as wear to the furnace.

Clean Air for your Home is Important



The air in your home should always be in the best quality. Having the air easy to breath can help improve your health and happiness when you are in your home. While the temperature is getting cooler out, you will open your windows less and less. That means the amount of fresh air can decrease significantly. To help improve the air quality, there are several things you can do. The first thing is to make sure your HVAC system is working properly. You will want to contact us so we can inspect it and look for any issues it might have. Always make sure to contact us if there is an issue you notice. Catching a problem at the first sign can help prevent more serious issues as well.

Inspect the System

The system should be inspected. More often, the filter of the HVAC system will need to be inspected. The filter will collect any dust, pollutants, or dander that are in the air of the home. This will then help prevent it from redistributing throughout the home further. If you have pets or someone smokes in your home, the filter will need to be changed more often. Pet fur and dander can get into the air, and cause breathing issues from those who may be allergic to it. Keeping the furnace clean and replaced will help improve the air quality.


You may also want to look into a humidifier for your home. As the air gets cooler, it also becomes dry. This can lead to several issues in your home. You may notice an increase in static electricity and shocks. When a humidifier is operating, it will release humidity into the air to reduce the amount of static. The humidifier can also help make it easier to breathe. This will also help reduce the chance for bloody noses, chapped lips, or dry skin. With proper humidity levels, you will feel better as well.

Having a Programmable Thermostat in your Home



When you invest in an HVAC system, you will want to make sure all the parts and components are working correctly. The thermostat is one part you will want to make sure will work correctly when you need it to. There are several things that should be inspected. The unit itself, ductwork, the thermostat, and the filter. If you are in the market to buy a new thermostat, consider a programmable thermostat for your home. These can have several benefits for your home and savings in the long run.

Saving you Monedy

These can offer you monthly savings. This will add up to bigger savings in the long run as well. If you set the thermostat based on your schedule, you can help ensure it is only producing the desired temperature when you are home to enjoy it. If you are gone, the HVAC unit will operate on a regular basis, warming or cooling the air, and you will not be home. Based on which model you choose, you can set it differently. There can be a one for the week days to be different than the weekends. There is also another one where each day of the week can be set differently. This is ideal incase your schedule seems to always be different.

Other thermostat options

Even if you set the thermostat for certain days of the week or hours of the day, you can still change it. There is an override button that you can adjust the settings, while standing right in front of it. You can also choose a model that is compatible with wi-fi. This allows you to control it from your phone, tablet, or any other smart device you might have. By doing so, you can help ensure the temperature will be ideal by the time you arrive home, without wasting money either. Make sure to consult us about how a programmable thermostat can help your home and savings.

HVAC Maintenance for a Comfortable Home



As the seasons start to change, now is an ideal time to have the entire HVAC system inspected in your home. You will want to contact us to schedule a fall inspection. Preventative maintenance will help reduce the chance of a larger issue occurring, when you need to rely on the unit. We will check all the parts and components of the system to make sure they are working correctly. If there is an issue, it is always best to catch it at the first sign, before the problem gets worse. Also, if the issue is fixed soon enough, it saves you time and money in the long run.

HVAC Inspections

We can check the furnace system before you will need to turn it on. This helps to make sure everything will be ready to go, and you can just flip the switch once you want to have warmer air in your home. We can check the ductwork for any issues. This can include cracks, punctures, or even debris in it. Having the ductwork in ideal condition will save you money. If there is damage to it, the warm air that is produced, can leak through any holes or cracks. This will lead to your monthly energy bill increasing. We can also check the filter, to ensure it is clean. Based on the recommended schedule, you will need to change the filter, to ensure that the air movement is the best it can be.

Remember the Thermostat

The thermostat in your home should also be inspected. If you are looking to purchase a new one, consider a programmable one. This allows you to set the temperature based on the days of the week, and hours of the day. If your schedule is pretty consistent, you will benefit from these thermostats. They allow you to adjust the time frame of when you want the home to have the ideal air temperature. This allows the system not to run as much when you are gone. In the end, you will save money because it is not operating as much as it used to.

Proper HVAC Maintenance



The HVAC system in your home is important. You will want to make sure it is inspected and checked on a regular basis. When you are not sure how often this should be done, make sure to contact us. We will provide you a schedule of when certain maintenance tasks should be done. Also it is important to have these performed on a regular schedule. When these tasks are done, then the system can operate as correctly as possible. If you do notice an issue between visits, make sure to contact us and we can come and inspect the source of the issue for you. Having it properly maintained will help improve the longevity of it as well.

HVAC Filter

Checking the filter is also very important. When the HVAC operates, it pulls air in and that passes through the filter of the system. Over time, the filter will become clogged and will eventually need to be replaced. By checking it on a regular basis, you can help ensure it is clean and clear. Sometimes you can vacuum the filter, but when it is needed, a full replacement is recommended for the filter. If you are not sure what type of filter you need, we will be able to recommend the right one.

Noticing Issues

You should also be aware of any odd noises or sounds that come from the unit. Clunks, squealing, or grinding are all signs of an issue with the unit. These noises may come from the unit itself, from the register or vents, or even from the ductwork. As noises are a sign of an issue, you will want to make sure you contact us so we can do a complete inspection of the HVAC system. This should also include all the components of it as well. By keeping it properly maintained, you will help save money in the long run. The unit will also last as long as possible when you keep it maintained.

Clean Air in your Home


Clean Air

You will want clean air in your home because it will benefit you and your family. If anyone has breathing issues, poor air quality can really affect them. Those who suffer from allergies or asthma may be more prone to noticing the air quality is less than ideal in your home. It can cause other issues like watery or itchy eyes. This is caused by the dust and contaminants that are in your home. Your nose may also be stuffy or runny. You may notice an increase in sneezing as well. Another sign of poor air quality could be if you have a sore throat, but only when you are home. If there are any health issues when you are home, and they disappear when you leave, it could be from the air quality.

Issues with the Ductwork

The first thing to do is to check the ductwork in your home. You will want to make sure it is clean and clear of any buildup of dust and dirt. Also check for any punctures or dents that could be in it. This causes the air to escape. The result is then the air that you spend money on is wasted. If your energy bill has gone up and the home temperature is not correct, it could be an issue with the ductwork. If the air can get out, there is also the probability that dust and dirt can get in. Then this is recycled in your home and around to your family members.

Check the Filter

Also remember to check and change the air filter in your home. Since it will collect dirt overtime and eventually get clogged, it is important to inspect. When it is recommended, a new filter should be installed so your home has the best quality air possible. We can also come and inspect the filter for you to ensure it is the best it can be.

Having a Generator for your Home



When you have your home in ideal condition, you will want to help make sure it stays that way. There are several things you can do in your home. Of course the most important is to have the HVAC system inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Doing so will help have the parts operate longer and more efficiently as well. If there is ever an issue, it is always recommended that you contact us. By inspected the issue, we can help prevent further damage to your system. It will also reduce the chance of a possible high repair bill.

Generator care

A generator comes in handy when you need electricity and the power has gone off. You will want the power to keep operating, especially if you do not want the food to go bad. If you have to rely on any medical equipment, you will also want that to stay connected during any outages. A generator is designed to still keep the power on, but with a seamless transition between normal electricity and the generator assisting. If you are not sure what generator is right for you, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the options to ensure you get the one that is right for you.

Other Maintenance

You will also want to ensure that the fumes from it do not get into your home. If you are not sure how the generator should be connected or installed, we can advise you on it. This way you can make sure it is safe for your home when it operates. Always be aware of any issues or problems that your HVAC system or home might have. When these are inspected and corrected, it can help reduce the chance of further failure in the long run as well. By doing so, you can also improve the life of the HVAC unit.

Summer Maintenance for your HVAC System

summer maintenance


If you have regular maintenance done now for your HVAC system, you can help reduce the chance of a potential issue in the long run. Any time there is an issue with the system you notice, make sure to contact us. This can include noticing an issue by an odd sound or smell, or even something working not the way it used to. We can also help to determine when regular maintenance inspections should be done with the HVAC system. You can check the air conditioner now, as one last time for summer. Also, the heater can be inspected now in order to ensure it will work properly when it comes time to turn it on.

Check the filter regularly

Also make sure that the filter is inspected regularly for your HVAC system. This will help to ensure the filter is free of any build up of dirt or dust. When this occurs, the airflow is restricted. It then causes extra strain and stress on the parts of the unit. Always have the filter in the system when it operates. Failure to do so will result in the dirt and dust getting into the system and clogging up the ductwork in the future. If you are not sure how often the filter should be inspected or changed, we can advise you on a schedule. This helps to ensure that the filter is efficient at having the air pass through it.

Remember the other parts

The ductwork should also be checked for any puncture marks or damages it might have. If this happens, it no longer allows the HVAC system to be efficient when trying to make your home comfortable. You can check some of it yourself, or we can inspect it as well for you.


Besides the ductwork, the thermostat should also be inspected. Sometimes and error happens with it where the set temperature is different than the actual temperature. This can be a malfunction in the thermostat. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.

Checking the HVAC Filter

HVAC Filter


The HVAC filter system is an important component for your home. Make sure that you schedule the proper maintenance inspections needed for the air conditioner. If you are not sure how often this should be, we will gladly advise you on an appropriate schedule based on your home and lifestyle. Checking all the parts and components is a vital part of HVAC maintenance. Doing so will help increase the longevity and efficiency of your system in your home. It will also mean there is a decreased chance of an unexpected breakdown from occurring when you least expect it.

Cleaning the HVAC filter

The filter should be a part that you do not forget about. You can check the filter on a regular basis. Make sure it is clean and free of dirt and dust. This is typically collected from the pollutants that can be in the air of your home. If the filter is dirty, make sure that you clean it. Also know when the proper schedule is for replacing the filter for your air conditioner. You will also want to make sure that the filter is the correct brand and size that you need. Using a filter that is not designed for your air conditioner can cause issues. It will either damage the system, or it will no longer be efficient because it will not capture the pollutants.

Replace when needed

Filters are vital to help keep the air quality in your home the best it can be. Without them, the air may become stale and have a higher amount of dirt and dust. The filter will also help to keep the dust from the parts of the HVAC system. Always remember to have a filter in the system when it operates. Failure to do so can result in the parts wearing and becoming damaged much sooner than they typically would. If you need a new filter for the air conditioner, contact us so we can make sure the right one is installed.